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These Hot Wheels were released in 2012 lineups.

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The Hot Wheels AMPHICAR was a true underdog in the 2012 Boulevard line

I was re-organizing the collection a couple weeks ago when I came across the #Amphicar from the #2012 Hot Wheels #Boulevard line. Since I organize the majority of my loose collection by auto manufacturer now, I had to put the Amphicar aside. The 1:1 Amphicar was manufactured by […]

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Recently I was able to grab the missing piece in my Hot Wheels #’52 Hudson Hornet collection: the 2012 Boulevard release. I celebrated by liberating the collection from their little cardboard prisons, and even made a post about it. While doing so, there was one release that I […]

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The Hot Ones: CUSTOM ’77 DODGE VAN

If you’re a #Variation hunter in the Hot Wheels world, chances are “subtleties” are the name of your game. Variations exist in Hot Wheels collecting on all levels, from your basic planned colorway to wheel changes to even different thicknesses of the same color paint. Talk to any one […]

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In the Hot Wheels world, the big news this week is that The Mystery Machine will apparently be in the 2017 lineup and have a Super Treasure Hunt variation. Profiteers are already foaming at the mouth and collectors that collect this casting are nervous at the amount of […]