Hot Wheels Monster Trucks: BIGFOOT

When it was announced that Hot Wheels and Monster Jam were parting ways, many collectors were disappointed that Hot Wheels would no longer make the #Monster Trucks they have been making since 2002. *sad tear* While that was true to an extent with all Monster Jam licenses were gone, Hot Wheels unveiled a line of new Monster Trucks titled, “#Hot Wheels Monster Trucks“. Oh, cool… a bunch of generic trucks, right? WRONG! These new trucks would be based off of the new Monster Trucks from, “Hot Wheels Monster Trucks LIVE” — crushing cars as 1:1 Monster Trucks do.

Then… on November 30th… there was a Bigfoot sighting.

Via the Hot Wheels Official social media accounts, Hot Wheels dropped the best news: Bigfoot would be returning to Hot Wheels. There hasn’t been a Hot Wheels #Bigfoot sighting since the early ’90s, so this was obviously a welcomed surprise!

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Bigfoot from the 2019 Hot Wheels Monster Trucks line (with “Connect and Crash” car)

If you grew up in the ’70s/’80s/’90s #Bigfoot was THE O.G. #Monster Truck! You would hear about “him” coming to your town via the local newspaper or via a late-night spot that started, “SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!” … as monster trucks before Monster Jam weren’t a sustainable event by themselves so they were always paired with motocross, demo derbies and/or truckzilla. Admittedly, as a kid whose formative years began in in the ’90s, Bigfoot was my dad’s favorite monster truck, as mine was USA-1, BUT Bigfoot was always the truck to beat. I would always root for Bigfoot so my USA-1 truck had a chance to beat the “best of the best”, the “king” of all monster trucks: Bigfoot.

Hot Wheels has never been a brand to shy away from nostalgia, and that effort appears to be paying dividends in 2019 with the release of the #First Edition of the #Bigfoot #Monster Truck. As I mentioned earlier, #Monster Jam is gone so while you won’t see Grave Digger for the 1,000th time, you now get a classic in Bigfoot. In addition to that, the #Hot Wheels Monster Trucks have even larger tires that last year’s Monster Jam Trucks which give them an edgier look.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Bigfoot from the 2019 Hot Wheels Monster Trucks line head to head with the Hot Wheels Since ’68 Firestorm Monster Truck from the 2018 Monster Jam line

Yes, the #Monster Jam license is gone, but I would be remiss to say Hot Wheels misses it. Spin Master has gone on to produce some quality replicas, but Hot Wheels doubled-down on their brand replacing those trucks that people have come to love with some new trucks — several of which are #Monster Truck versions of current Hot Wheels castings, a la #Rodger Dodger, #Bone Shaker and the #’70 Dodge Charger R/T. And then there is #Bigfoot….

#Bigfoot hits on all fronts as he is a nostalgic truck that also comes from an era when #Monster Trucks were still trucks, oppose to truck bodies slapped on monster chassis. This metalflake blue #Ford #F-250 truck was originally owned and modified by Bob Chandler whose name actually graces the side of this model. Bob has been so kind to even take the current Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live team for a drive in the original Bigfoot while on tour last weekend in Louisville, Kentucky (U.S.). Bigfoot is essentially the definition of “monster truck” so its almost humbling to own a modern-day rendition of this classic monster truck.

The Hot Wheels casting is — believe it or not — an unlicensed design by Hot Wheels Designer, Brendon Vetuskey. When I reached out to Brendon, he informed me that they actually call the tool “Midwest Madness”, in honor of Bob Chandler’s shop name, Midwest Four Wheel Drive Center.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Bigfoot from the 2019 Hot Wheels Monster Trucks line (rear view)

The #Bigfoot #Monster Truck is being scooped up by Hot Wheels collectors left and right. Its kind of crazy to think as no one thought any of the #Hot Wheels Monster Trucks would be scooped and sold by Hot Wheels profiteers on the secondary market, yet here we are. Even the 1:24 scale Hot Wheels Bigfoot Monster Truck sold out at its original ($11.99) allotment on Amazon, so there is no way of telling how deep the nostalgia runs through the veins of Americans for this truck. Will we see it again? Yes… at least once as Target will have an exclusive retro-themed version of this truck AND you can bet that we will see the modern-day version of Bigfoot as well somewhere down the line.

If #Bigfoot is right up your #Monster Truck alley, make sure you are hitting the stores wherever #Hot Wheels Monster Trucks are sold as these are being found at stores now. I was fortunate to find (and capture!) this guy as my local Walmart so check there first. For nostalgic monster truck lovers — basically any kid from the ’70s/’80s/’90s — this is a must have! Enjoy the search, happy hunting!

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Metalflake Bleu Body (metal). Clear Windows. Black Frame. White Real Riders Monster Trucks Wheels. Chrome Base (plastic). Made in Thailand. Toy# GBT34. Released in 2019 as #19 of 50 in the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks line.

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  1. Awesome, I remember when I took my son to see Bigfoot in Houston at the Astrodome and he was going crazy. The highlight was taking a picture with Mr. Chandler and Bigfoot. I took that photo to Kinko’s and had it made into a poster for his room. That was over twenty years ago and he still has the poster along with every Bigfoot I ever got him. Thanks Mattel for the great memories.

  2. Damn I need to get one for myself and my son. I don’t think they have hit my area yet as I don’t see Bigfoot on the backside of any of the other monster trucks.

    Thanks for this write-up. the photos look great!

  3. Do you know when the target exclusive retro bigfoot will be released, if it hasn’t already been?
    Also do you know which monster truck is #39/50,and #42/50? They are the only 2 I’m missing

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