Car Culture / Circuit Legends: PORSCHE 962

The fifth series (of six) for the Hot Wheels 2018 #Car Culture line is hitting now. This series dubbed the #Car Culture / Circuit Legends, features five track-inspired #Race Cars: the Mazda 787B, ’69 COPO Corvette, #Porsche 962, Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe, and the ’16 Ford GT Race. We will be taking a closer look at them this week starting with the Porsche 962.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels 2018 Car Culture / Circuit Legends series: ’69 COPO Corvette, Shelby Cobra Dayonta Coupe, Porsche 962, Mazda 787B, and ’16 Ford GT Race

One of the highlights of the #Car Culture / Circuit Legends is the #Advan #25 #Porsche 962. The card art features the 962 on the track, with headlights on, dodging rain drops. This Julian Koiles blister art creation is definitely my favorite for this series, and ranks up there with the best #Car Culture packaging designs yet. And, that Advan livery? …I’m beginning to think that would look good on ANY car.

The #Car Culture / Circuit Legends release marks the third release of the Hot Wheels #Porsche 962 — and all three have been in Car Culture. The #MOMO Porsche 962 you see below just starting hitting stores last week as part of #Car Culture / Team Transport, and the white #GReddy release is from 2017 #Car Culture. The cool things is, if you have been collecting the Team Transport line, you actually have haulers for all three!

Orange Track Diecast

All three Hot Wheels Porsche 962 releases: white (2017 Car Culture), Red (2018 Team Transport), and Black (2018 Car Culture)

If you remember, there was a price hike in the #Car Culture line at the beginning of 2018. This was one of the vehicles that actually drove that decision at Mattel. Notice the lack of headlights and other deco on the GReddy Porsche from 2017? The #Porsche 962 is essentially one of those cars that requires a full-deco, being that it is a #Race Car — which, typically are covered in their sponsor’s design. Those headlights? I think you can agree with me that they are necessary.

Orange Track Diecast

All three Hot Wheels Porsche 962 releases: white (2017 Car Culture), Red (2018 Team Transport), and Black (2018 Car Culture) … front view

As you can see, the three releases so far make an excellent trio and I cannot wait for more releases of the #Porsche 962 to come our way. Being the avid #Hot Wheels Race Team collector that I am, I would actually love to see this one in a full Hot Wheels Race Team livery — period-specific of course! The real car was introduced in 1984 and ran up until the mid-1990s so that original Hot Wheels Race Team deco from 1995 could actually apply, but I digress….

The Hot Wheels #Car Culture / Circuit Legends started hitting stores in the United States late last week, so collectors should have a lot more luck finding them this week at Walmart. Even if you’re not big into these race cars, its a series you won’t want to overlook as every car in this series received exquisite deco work courtesy of Hot Wheels Graphic Designer, Steve “Van” Vandervate. Let us know what you think of them once you find them, happy hunting!

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Black Body (metal). Clear Windows. Dark Gray Interior. Real Riders Aero Wheels: White (front) and Chrome-Rim, Black (rear). Black Base (metal). Made in Thailand. Toy# FLC29. Released in 2018 as #3 of 5 in the Car Culture / Circuit Legends series.

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