The Hot Wheels Legends Tour rolls through PHOENIX

9/22/2018 — The Hot Wheels Legends Tour made its stop in Phoenix today. Phoenicians were treated with the largest showing to date as the photos below only encompass a small amount of the cars at the event. Walmart was a great host for this event as the Avondale, AZ store did a great job in preparation of the traffic and had many Hot Wheels and T-Shirts for patrons to buy — even one of their managers participated in the judging. Among the judges, were Hot Wheels Designers #Phil Riehlman and #Mark Jones. Two great guys to talk with and you can see my pictures with them below. So, without further ado, I present to you the Phoenix stop of the Hot Wheels Legends Tour — please excuse that nerdy guy in the black t-shirt…

The Cars

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The Finalists

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The Winner

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Hot Wheels Festivities

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    • Now I found out what happened! A article in AZCENTRAL.COM about the event:

      Hot Wheels Largest Traveling Car Show Comes to Scottsdale at …
      4 days ago – The focus of the tour stop in Phoenix will be “Off-Road Trucks.” Fifty years ago.

      Since they already knew what kind of vehicle they wanted that means that about 300 people got ripped off! All those people like me that drove 60 miles or more and spent a lot of time preparing their vehicles did it for nothing!

      Form my contact with the Hot Wheels Legends Tour staff I got the impression that they did not care and are proud of what they have done.

      • There was no pre-set vehicle they were selecting. Look at all the winners and the “category” assigned to those stops and you can see that the judging had nothing to do with it. Phoenix should be a prime example…. if they were really looking for an “Off-Road Truck” they wouldn’t have selected a drag truck.

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