With the first ever Target Kids & Collectors Event this Saturday, collectors have been finding four-sided displays loaded with 2018 “C” and “H” case cars, complete with the #Target Exclusive #Red Edition series vehicles. Among those #2018 Hot Wheels Red Edition vehicles from the “H” case assortment was the #Volkswagen T2 Pickup.

This #Red Edition #Volkswagen T2 Pickup is a recolor of the 2018 HW Hot Trucks release of the same #VW pickup — wearing “Hot Wheels HARDWARE” graphics. It follows suit with the other Red Edition series vehicles as it recolors existing 2018 segment series vehicles in red, dark red or white, and numbers them 1 through 12 for this “spinoff segment”.

This is the 4th variant of the Hot Wheels #Volkswagen T2 Pickup which was first released last year in the HW Art Cars. I totally blew it in terms of getting a group shot of all four together, so keep checking the @orangetrackdiecast Instagram as I promise to do one when the upcoming 5th variant (in mint green) comes out.

For now, try and track down this fairly hard to find #Volkswagen T2 Pickup at your local Target as collectors have definitely been hoarding this one. Its comes in the same #Red Edition assortment as the red Borla Exhaust Mustang and the chrome/red Flash Drive, so if you only see those two left on the pegs, you’re too late. Best of luck this Saturday and Happy Hunting!

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Red Body (metal). Clear Windows. Chrome Interior. White-Rim, Black Steelie 8-Spoke Wheels. Black Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Toy# FKC18. Released in 2018 as #5 of 12 in the Target Exclusive, Red Edition Series.

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