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Retail Now: Report of 2nd Wave of 2018 Walmart ZAMACs hitting in “Hot Wheels Month” dump bins

3/8/2018 — The second wave of the #2018 Hot Wheels #Walmart Exclusive #ZAMACs appears to be hitting on the heels of the first wave. Collectors will see a familiar theme as the “Hot Wheels Month” promotional dump bins will be hitting Walmart for the 2nd straight year. This year, they carry the second wave of 2018 ZAMACs and some older 2017 stock with “Hot Wheels Month 2018” on them — like the 2017 HW Art Cars TH Fandango and the 2017 ZAMAC ’67 Camaro shown here. That should drive all you card variation collectors bonkers! This dump bin was found in the Aurora/Naperville area of Illinois by Hot Wheels collector, Ralph Andrade who also supplied the images below.

The three ZAMACs for this second wave are as follows:

  • Porsche 934.5 (NIGHTBURNERZ)
  • ’49 Ford F1 (HW FLAMES)
  • ’67 Mustang (THEN AND NOW)

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