Character Cars / Minecraft: SPIDER

One of the coolest Hot Wheels to be released last year was in the #Character Cars line. Let that sink in…

The #Bryan Benedict Designed, #Spider from the #Minecraft series didn’t last long on the pegs as both kids and collectors took a liking to this hauler’s boxy-shape and were enamored by its #Opening Feature.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Spider from the 2017 Character Cars / Minecraft Series (side view)

The boxy Hot Wheels #Spider rides on four axles and features a fold down cargo box that converts the vehicle from hauler to ramp truck. The idea behind the ramp is that it would “haul” the #Minecraft Skeleton casting since the Skeletons ride on top of Spiders in Minecraft. While I never picked up the Skeleton casting, I do have the Zombie casting on back (image below) to give you an idea on just how large the Spider is. As if the hauler to ramp truck aspect wasn’t awesome enough, the Spider is only one of a few current #Castings with 3+ Axles — certainly giving it value in a line that retails for $4 here in the U.S.

Just like the Character Cars / Minecraft: Enderman we featured here back in December, the #Spider also features what is known as a “leave behind” on its base. Revealed in a Bryan Benedict Q&A Interview with Minecraft, these leave behind items are called drop icons in the game. Done in full-color, these are certainly a nice little added feature to the #Minecraft series vehicles. The Spider leaves behind string in the game so that is what icon is featured on its base. Also revealed in the article is that the body has a 3-block shape, much like the Spider character, and I can only assume now that the 4 axles (8 wheels) were a necessity given Spider’s 8 legs.

Bryan did such a great job not only designing this #Minecraft #Spider, but all six of the Minecraft vehicles. They all represent real vehicles and hold true to all character elements with the pixel driven design and subtle details. These certainly did not last long on the pegs so we will have to see if the value on these climb in the near future much like other #Character Cars which were also released in seemingly limited capacities, with good followings.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Gray Metallic Cab (metal) and Body (plastic). Red Tinted Windows. Chrome-Rim, Red Steelie 8-Spoke (ST8) Wheels. Black Plastic Base (plastic). Made in Thailand. Toy# DXT26. Released in 2017 as #5 of 6 in the Hot Wheels Character Cars / Minecraft Series.

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