HWC Original 16: Custom T-Bird goes on sale Tuesday, 2/27

02/23/2018 — The first sale for the new 2018 Red Line Club Membership year is Tuesday, February 27th at 9AM PST — exclusively for RLC members. First up: the HWC Original 16 Series, Custom T-Bird. This long awaited release will feature spectraflame olive paint and a matte black roof, just like the membership Datsun Bluebird 510 — should make for a great pair!

The O16 Custom T-Bird is limited to 6,000 pieces, which may seem like a lot compared to other O16 cars, but with membership numbers surpassing 10,000, you shouldn’t wait if this is a must have for you as I expect there will be many fresh members chomping at the bit to make their first purchase through the club. Also it is worth noting that it will be $19.99 + S&H and is limited to 1 per membership. For complete information, make sure you check out the article on!

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