Fast Foodie: QUICK BITE

The Hot Wheels #Ice Cream Truck has always been the food truck of many names — Tropicool, Grillionaire and Sweet Treats all come to mind. Despite being a truck of many names (and foods), the casting has remain relatively unchanged since it originally appeared as the Good Humor Truck back in 1984.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Quick Bite (Ice Cream Truck) from the 2018 Fast Foodie Series (side view)

The Hot Wheels #Ice Cream Truck received its newest name last year when it was released as #Quick Bite in the 2017 #HW City Works Series. The “Quick Bite” name carried over to 2018 as that is its #Fast Foodie Series release name, however, its the casting itself that has changed. See the differences?

The differences may be hard to spot if you are buying the #Quite Bite right off the pegs, as they were tastefully done. The Good Humor man remains — still holding that Popsicle against his chest might I add — and no crazy, blown engine was placed on the truck. Call it a win.

The most noticeable chance in the #Ice Cream Truck retool is the bottom part of the body which is now plastic. Yes, the reduction of metal in existing castings is a Hot Wheels cost savings effort, but at the same time, it often leads to cool color breaks within the body. Instead of getting an all-white truck this year, the red color break gives the release more definition in the side profile shot. The red color break also contributes to the theme of this food truck which Asada Sushi Burritos — named after Hot Wheels Designer, Ryu Asada (who I suspect is behind the retool).

The top of the truck now features “venting” that is consistent with what you see on modern food trucks — which also creatively uses less diecast. The driver’s side now features a small door in place of the opening that was there. The rear now has two “closed windows”, whereas the old casting had one that was open. Lastly, the plastic base has been updated to feature the new legal, including the new tool number “FJX81” which is the toy number (SKU) for this release.

Collectors are never fond of less metal being used in Hot Wheels castings, but we have seen this trend on a couple #Unlicensed Hot Wheels before, and it seems as though taking it from the bottom of the body to create that color break is more favorable than other measures. We saw this last year with the HW Art Cars: Fandango, and if anything, it livened up an older casting. Do any of you readers collect the #Ice Cream Truck casting? I would be interested to hear your take on it. Feel free to comment below.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: White Body (metal). Light Blue Tinted Windows. Red Interior. Chrome-Rim, Black PR5 Wheels. Chrome Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Toy# FJX81. Released in 2018 as #2 of 5 in the Fast Foodie Series (#93/365 in the 2018 mainline).

We have seen what I refer to as the ebb and flow of certain Hot Wheels favorites as of late. Some have been lessened for their mainline releases, while being enhanced for their premium releases. I know you probably feel like the Hot Wheels #Ice Cream Truck has seemingly been “lessened” in this case … so with that said, we will see a new premium version of it later this year as part of the Marvel #Replica Entertainment series. The Good Humor man will be replaced with #Deadpool as he serves up chimichangas in his own chimichanga truck.

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