Japanese Nostalgic Car gives us an updated look at the upcoming RLC FuguZ

02/22/2018 — If you remember that back in October, we were shown the upcoming 2018 RLC release of Sung Kang’s FuguZ at the 31st Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention in Los Angeles. This new tool of Sung’s Custom Datsun 240Z will be extremely detailed, having several additional parts including an #Opening Hood and mirrors that are separate from the body. It will also include a mini figurine of Sung himself.

Well, the folks overs at Japanese Nostalgic Car were granted exclusive access to the next stage of this vehicle. It appears the tooling has been made — versus the 3D print we saw in October — and this new FuguZ is now in diecast. Definitely a step in the right direction!

Head over to now for those exclusive photos and to read up on the latest news pertaining to this release.

Orange Track Diecast

31st Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention RLC Party SNEAK PEEK: HWC Sung Kang’s FuguZ

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  1. I am glad I re-joined the Hotwheels RLC. This will be a must have car for me. I will not be on the fence or no where near it when this “” BAD BOY “” is offered. I am a carded guy,but I want it anyway it comes.

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