Happy New Year! 2018 is here and along with that, its officially the 50th Anniversary of Hot Wheels. There will be plenty of ways to celebrate this year as the Hot Wheels lineups look great. With the new year, comes the inevitable setting of goals. So I see no reason not to extend that into our collecting realm.

First things first: BUY WHAT YOU LIKE. Too many collectors end up unloading ghastly amounts of cash on ultra popular cars like your #Datsuns, #Gassers and anything with a “TH” symbol. While they are cool, and will probably get you some extra likes on Instagram or Facebook, there are plenty of other “less expensive” cars out there that look just as cool under the lens of your smartphone. If you have the money, great, but if you do keep within somewhat of a budget, don’t try to keep up. If you must have one of these, new, hot releases, set a limit for yourself. I saw a collector mention the other day that he “only collects high end pieces like super #Treasure Hunts” … and it took every fiber of my being to not say, “so you only collect cars that other people covet?”. I’ve seen too many people get burned out by that approach, even the ones that have success in finding them at retail. If you truly want to enjoy this hobby and have some sort of longevity, buy what you like (other than what everyone else likes) … and find a way to enjoy your cars past the point of purchase and stuffing them into a storage container.

It sure feels that today’s #Datsuns and #Gassers are the present day craze just like anything #VW and #Dairy Delivery was back in the early 2000s. Sure, its a little more extreme but given social media and a thriving economy, its better put into context as to the extremity of the demand.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Monster Dairy Delivery from the 2018 Holiday Racers Series (side view)

There was a time when anything #Dairy Delivery was hoarded at retail or sold out immediately online. While its still a popular Hot Wheels casting, we now have castings that have spawned off of the popularity of the Dairy Delivery in the Drag Dairy and #Monster Dairy Delivery.

Take for instance the #Monster Dairy Delivery — what seems like a feeble attempt to capitalize on the strength of the #Dairy Delivery. Sure a Dairy Delivery monster truck sounds cool, as it was pretty much done in the #Monster Jam line previously, but it does not translate well to the mainline. The result is a scaled-down #Monster Truck chassis with a miniature Dairy Delivery body thrown on top.

So the point of all this???

…Its not to hate. I will tell you that. I know quite a few collectors who actually love the #Monster Dairy Delivery casting. No, its to rather demonstrate that popular castings are often exploited, and over-produced (hey, if I was on the business end, I would do it the exact same way). Eventually the lore fades and your are left with a bunch of cars in storage containers that everyone hoarded at one time, and are now trying to unload (see Treasure Hunts 2000 to 2003).

BUY WHAT YOU LIKE. Share it with others and don’t let anyone tell you that you are doing it wrong — including myself! Happy New Year to you all. Collect what you like, don’t overbuy, and stop worry what will be valuable to others. If you want to collect the #Monster Dairy Delivery because you like it, or just love #New Years cars, DO IT! I wish you all great fortune in 2018. Find your passion, collect and don’t forget to spend time with your loved ones … cheers and happy hunting!

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Metalflake Green Body (metal). Yellow-Tinted Windows. Gold Interior/Cage. Black Base (plastic). Made in M/alaysia. Toy# FJW20. Released in 2018 as #3 of 6 in the Holiday Racers series (#76/365 in the 2018 Hot Wheels mainline).

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