Pop Culture / The Beatles: HIWAY HAULER

Personal observation: Never did I think I’d see the day where the Hot Wheels #Dairy Delivery takes back seat to the #Hiway Hauler as its the Dairy that is hanging on the pegs while the first collectors to find this new #Pop Culture set are scooping up most of the Hiway Haulers. One could argue that we live in an era where the internet is a 24/7  flea market and profiteers are always looking for the next release to hype. While that is partially true, it does speak great volume to the uniqueness of this design and how well executed it was.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Hiway Hauler from the 2017 Pop Culture / The Beatles series (White Album) … in package

In was November 1968, Hot Wheels had just started hitting retail stores a few months earlier, and the English pop sensation, The Beatles, had just released their ninth studio album, The Beatles. Of course, not many call the album by its self-titled name as its the nickname, “The White Album” that fans refer this double album (of 30 tracks) as. As you can see, the nickname came from this album cover being completely void of any artwork and was a far cry from the colorful artwork that had adorned previous album covers. The only thing on this essentially blank album cover was the embossing of the name of the band/album, “The BEATLES” — even though early copies of the album did feature a serial number as well.

As you can see, the #2017 Hot Wheels release of the #Pop Culture / #The Beatles series #Hiway Hauler captures the essence of “The White Album” like the other four vehicles in this series do for their respective Beatles album covers. This Hiway Hauler comes pretty close to being a complete white-out as even the tires and base received the white treatment. The really cool bonus feature is the embossing of “The BEATLES” on the truck’s payload box (just like the album) and the Hot Wheels equivalent of a release’s serial number (the Toy#) is featured in the bottom-right corner, on both sides.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Hiway Hauler from the 2017 Pop Culture / The Beatles series (White Album) … close-up of payload box

While this release of the #Hiway Hauler is rather unique, its not the first time Hot Wheels has done a vehicle in all one color. However, the novelty factor of this release is amazing and will surely be a hit with collectors of Beatles memorabilia. Between said novelty and the demand from collectors outside the Hot Wheels world, this and all the other #The Beatles vehicles will be popular. If you are on the fence about this one, make sure to grab it if you find it at retail as it surely won’t hang around long.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: White Cab (metal). White Payload Box (plastic). Tinted Windows. No Interior. Chrome Real Riders Preferred Wheels w/ White Tires. White Base (metal). Made in Thailand. Toy# DWH32. Released in 2017 as part of the Pop Culture / The Beatles series.

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