The #RLC #sELECTIONs series is a rather unique concept in the diecast world. In 2004, the idea was launched (to coincide with the United States’ Presidential Election that year) to have the collectors “design” a series of Red Line Club vehicles. Collectors were able to vote for a casting (from a list), then choose its paint, wheels and deco by virtue of a series of polls spanning several weeks.

In 2005, the sELECTIONs series continued as RLC members cast their votes once again to determine the sophomore lineup. In the 4th set of polls, #VW was pitted against #Muscle Cars as four from each side were represented in the bracket. In the end it was a muscle car in the ’68 Chevy Nova prevailing over VW’s Beach Bomb Too, 51% to 49%. At the time, the Beach Bomb Too was one of the hottest cars so it was definitely an upset when this mainline version of the ’68 Chevy Nova (no opening hood) was granted a metal base and given the “#RLC Treatment”.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’68 Chevy Nova from the 2005 RLC sELECTIONs Series (rear)

As for the cars that didn’t make it to the finals? The original sELECTIONs list contained the Baja Bug, #Volkswagen Beetle & Meyers Manx for #VW; while the #Muscle Cars had the Hot Bird, ’69 Pontiac Firebird & the #Rodger Dodger — three cars that would eventually receive the #HWC/#RLC Treatment themselves.

According to the back of the Nova’s package, the color round wasn’t nearly as close as the final casting vote since:

In the colors round, Spectraflame Orange was beat out by #Spectraflame Steel Blue by 26% of the vote!

Paying homage to the collectors of the RLC who voted for the casting & color in 2005, the alternate RLC logo was added to the sides of this release right behind the rear windows. In addition to that, “SELECTIONS DEUCE” adorns the rear quarter-panel as part of the matte black stripe design that  flows onto the trunk and down the back.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’68 Chevy Nova from the 2005 RLC sELECTIONs Series (close-up of Red Line Club logo)

In the rear, red taillights and a black-painted rear fascia join a vintage California license plate that reads “HWCGARY”. Gary Barnum (aka: HWC Gary) was a staff writer of many articles over at HWC back in 2005, now, in addition to continuing to write those articles, he pretty much runs the site from his home in Portland, Oregon.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’68 Chevy Nova from the 2005 RLC sELECTIONs Series (close-up of rear license plate “HWCGARY”)

In all, over 33,000 votes were cast to complete this 2005 RLC sELECTIONs ’68 Chevy Nova — and, I must add, the collectors got it right. I must say, one of the side-effects of voting for editions, is that if you really want something to win (and it doesn’t) it brings on a level of disappointment. I remember wanting the Beach Bomb Too to win along with Spectraflame Orange … and both came in second. Out of what I guess you could call spite, I didn’t order the Nova. Well it took 10 years for my “grudge” to wear off as I regretted the decision not to buy it. Just last week, this car finally joined my collection.

In 2005, this edition sold for $14.99 + tax, but with no shipping as “free shipping” was a perk to voting on #sELECTIONs releases. Fortunately, while these aren’t super easy to find for sale, you can usually find them for around $20 on secondary sales sites.

So while we continue to wait for our backorders and future sales on, I am pleased to add previous releases like this to my collection for not much more than they originally sold for. Whether you missed some of the older releases or you simply have them stored away somewhere, get one of these HWC/RLC cars out of the package and in your hand, and move it around. Most, especially this car, look different at every angle. Check out those fine details and, if you’re really daring, send it down that orange track!

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Spectraflame Steel Blue Body (metal). Clear Windows. Black Interior. Chrome Real Riders Deep-Dish Wheels w/ White “GOODYEAR EAGLE ST” on Black Tires. Chrome-Plated Base (metal). Made in China. Toy# J4237. Sold on December 13, 2005 (as a made-to-order vehicle with a 1 week order window), exclusively to Red Line Club members on, as #4 of 4 in the 2005 sELECTIONs Series … limited to 7,950 pieces.

….or, if it has #Real Riders (which don’t roll very well) get out your camera-phone and snap some creative shots. Here’s one I did that I posted to Instagram the other day. I am hoping to add more photos of this beauty there. You can follow me at @orangetrackdiecast to see what I come up with. #Spectraflame Paint in daylight, anyone???

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