Car Culture / Trucks: ’07 CHEVY SILVERADO

Finally! We are three series into the Car Culture line and I have finally gotten a hold of some #Car Culture cars. The Japan Historics Series was incredibly popular as most of it was ordered by private hobby dealers and sold directly to collectors. Outside of being found steadily in Canada for a couple months, the Japan Historics showed up in short supply at American retailers. The second series, Euro Style, showed up in larger quantities here in the U.S., but personally, the series just didn’t meet expectations brought on by the Japan Historics.

Enter the third series, the #Car Culture / Trucks. While there are certainly a few gems in this series of five, the first truck I want to showcase is the #’07 Chevy Silverado. It seems as though this casting (that was introduced in 2007) has quite a few followers — many of which were disappointed in 2012 when the motorcycle in its bed was removed when the casting was retooled.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’07 Chevy Silverado from the 2016 Car Culture / Trucks Series … reverse angle

Collectors rejoice as the #Bike in Tow is back! What we have learned with this release is that the motorcycle doesn’t look to be appearing in the mainline anytime soon as it looks to now be exclusive to premium releases of the casting going forward.

This release, more specifically, does feature the metal body / metal base (standard for premium releases). In addition to that, #Real Riders grace the wheel wells. These features add to the quality of this release, however, the tampo quality on the graphics is horrendous for a premium release. Maybe I got a couple bad ones, but as you can see in the pictures here, the graphics just aren’t up to par — well, not for a premium series. For some reason though this is the quality we have come to expect out of the Malaysia factory.

Overall, its always great to see a new casting in a premium line — this one just happens to be one of my favorites. It took nine years to do so, but regardless of the tampo quality, its great to see a premium release of the #’07 Chevy Silverado.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Yellow Body (metal). Tinted Windows. Chrome Interior. Chrome-Rim, Black Real Riders 5-Spoke (RR5SP) Wheels. Matte Black Base (metal). Made in Malaysia. Toy# DJF91. Released in 2016 as part of the Car Culture / Trucks series.

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