Hot Wheels Halloween: DEORA II

Happy Halloween — oh wait, its not for another two months you say? You’re right. Well, this year Hot Wheels decided to get the #Halloween cars out to retailers a little earlier than previous years. Its a good move considering these have been showing up at Walgreens, Krogers, Albertsons, and other various “non-big-box” type stores. The stores mentioned are notorious for sitting on new stock. Last year, many Krogers stores that carried the Hot Wheels 2015 Halloween cars didn’t put them out until a week or two before Halloween (or in some cases after), and between that and a poor assortment, the cars didn’t sell.

This year, we are graced with another series of eight #Unlicensed Hot Wheels that showed up as early as July 31 in some places. While I still have yet to find the series at retail, a collector friend sent me this #Deora II since he is aware of my affinity for the casting.

First, I’m glad to see the Deora II is back and the metalflake green is a nice touch since it hasn’t been released in a darker green like this before. Its also good to see this release have the #Surfboards as the #Mystery Models releases have been lacking them. The downside is that the quality in this casting seems to be be deteriorating with every release. It started with the “pushed-in” bubble window up front and now on this release I found two pieces of extra metal in the wheel wells which are seemingly becoming more and more disproportionate. I still love this Nathan Proch designed casting so thats why I am saddened by the tool’s deterioration. Its a topic I’ve brought up on the (HWC) boards before but unfortunately, the issues remain. When I find more at retail I’ll have to check to see if they have the same casting defects.

Don’t let those issues sully your opinion of this release though as this is one cool release, sans the casting issues of course. The amount of green on this release is staggering and the J5 wheels on this one actually fit the casting well. Heck, even the green tires fit this futuristic/fantasy surf truck. For the other 7 cars in this year’s Halloween series, make sure you check out the list >> HERE <<.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Metalflake Green Body (metal). Green-Tinted Windows. Chrome Interior. Black Surfboards. Black Japanese 5-Spoke (J5) Wheels on Green Tires. Black Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Toy# DJM41. Released in 2016 as #3 of 8 in the Hot Wheels Halloween series.

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