In the Hot Wheels world, the big news this week is that The Mystery Machine will apparently be in the 2017 lineup and have a Super Treasure Hunt variation. Profiteers are already foaming at the mouth and collectors that collect this casting are nervous at the amount of clams they’re going to have to shell out to get their hands on this one in the secondary market. After seeing the Super Treasure Hunt ’66 Batmobile from this year fetching high dollar, its not unreasonable to think this one will command above average prices for Super Treasure Hunts.

Demand for The Mystery Machine isn’t anything new as the #First Edition of this casting hit as part of the #2012 New Models and collectors immediately starting hoarding this van. Based off of the animated Scooby-Doo! series, The Mystery Machine was a classic #TV & Movie Car that many collectors grew up with. Its absence from the Hot Wheels lineup until 2012 caused quite the build in demand. As with most mainline cars that start off hot though, demand for this one eventually fizzled as the supply caught up and subsequent versions were nearly identical to this release.

That is really the only issue with an iconic licensed car such as The Mystery Machine, it never really changes in appearance. Short of changing the graphics a tad or giving it a different set of wheels, the only version of the Hot Wheels Mystery Machine that has strayed from this 2012 New Models release is the #ZAMAC one from the 28th Annual Collectors Convention — yet all releases of the casting have worn the iconic Mystery Machine graphics. All others versions of this casting have been released in turquoise, in basic and premium lines … short of the upcoming Super Treasure Hunt release.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Turquoise Body (metal). Clear Windows. Burnt Orange Interior. Orange-Chrome Japanese 5-Spoke (J5) Wheels. Chrome Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Toy# V5326. Released in 2012 as #38 of 50 in the 2012 New Models.

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