28th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention: CUSTOM VOLKSWAGEN

Later this year we will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Hot Wheels Collectors Conventions in California — a convention I’m hoping to make this year. This 30th installment will take place October 5-9, 2016 at the Marriott Los Angeles Airport Hotel. Over the last several years, between the Collectors Convention and the Nationals Convention (both run by the Hot Wheels Newsletter), we have seen several #Hot Wheels Race Team releases including this Custom Volkswagen, which was released two years ago at the 28th Annual Collectors Convention.

Originally released as part of the Original 16 Hot Wheels in 1968, the Custom Volkswagen was a one-year wonder as all 35+ variations of its release came in that year. In 2005, the Custom Volkswagen casting was revived for the 19th Annual Collectors Convention as a #HWC Exclusive — you could buy at the convention or as part of the Virtual Convention sale at

Since then, this original redline era casting has received #Redlines once and the #Real Riders treatment three times — with this being the third of the three real riders releases, and the most current. Just like the retooled version from 2005, the engines on this release were installed backwards as you can see the air intake is seen facing the windshield. Collectors who don’t open their cars may not know this about the Custom Volkswagen, but it actually has an #Opening Feature as the sunroof can be moved to the open/close position with the swipe of one finger.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Metalflake Blue Body with White Fenders (metal). Tinted Windows. Red Interior. Chrome Skinny 5-Spoke Real Riders on front and Chrome 5-Spoke Real Riders on the rear with both having the white Goodyear tampo on them. Unpainted Metal Base. Made in Thailand. Toy# BLR43. Released on October 1-5, 2014 at the 28th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention in Los Angeles, CA.

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