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Orange Track Diecast

Once a consolation prize, this SUGAR CADDY reminds us of another time in the RLC that may be eerily familiar

To long-time members of the Red Line Club, the #HWC Series 8: #Sugar Caddy represents some pretty heavy RLC anguish. Sound familiar? Given the stress of yesterday’s sale, I thought it would be fitting to look at a car that lives deep within HWC lore. In 2009, the […]

Orange Track Diecast

Checkmate: KING KUDA

The re-introduction of the #King Kuda to the Hot Wheels mainline has been nothing short of momentous. Let that sink in: momentous. How do you ask? Well, I’ll tell you right off the bat that it doesn’t pertain to the Super #Treasure Hunt hoopla. I realize that is […]

HW Road Trippin’: Classic Nomad

With everyone salivating at every release of JDM cars these days; collectors, scalpers & hybrids (of the two) are leaving behind pegs full of new releases so they can obtain more of the profitable cars. That is okay by this collector as I found a peg full of […]