Muscle Mania Series (2016 New Models): MUSCLE SPEEDER

Its conceivable to think why collectors and kids alike thought they were experiencing Déjà vu in 2016 when the Muscle Speeder appeared on the peg hooks at local retailers. The Hot Wheels Muscle Speeder is the finished product of 2014’s Project Speeder which was featured >>> HERE. Below you can see the two together.

Diecast Motorsports

Hot Wheels Muscle Speeder (2016 New Model) and Project Speeder (2014 New Model)

As you can see, these two make a great “Then & Now” pair as they were even released in the same paint and graphic-schemes two years apart. The front-end on the Muscle Speeder is finally finished and the #Blown Engine is scaled back so the translucent hood cover could fit over top. The rough-edged Project Speeder has been transformed into a sleek muscle car and both appear to be made for the orange track. Still, its unclear why these were designed as if they were part of the infamous Torpedo subset of ’05 (other than for track purposes), but the concept is definitely cool and it will be interesting to see if these appear with the same then & now fashion down the line.

Diecast Motorsports

RELEASE DETAILS: Orange Body (metal). Tinted Windows. Chrome Interior. Chrome-Rim, Black Muscle-Car 5-Spoke (MC5) Wheels. Black Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Toy# DHP12. Released in 2016 as #7 of 10 in the Muscle Mania Series (also a 2016 New Model).

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