HW Racing / Thrill Racers Series (2013 New Model): LOOP COUPE

On Saturday, June 30, 2012, Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy set a world record at the X Games in Los Angeles by driving two all-wheel-drive rally coupes through a 66 ft. real-life version of the famous Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare Track Set. The feat was amazing as I remember watching it live on TV that day (you can see it below).

Hot Wheels ran numerous advertisements and promotions supporting this event that obviously didn’t come cheap — considering all the research, track build, and contractors involved. One of those promotions involved receiving a free Hot Wheels vehicle for correctly picking the driver to complete the loop first. I remember picking the green driver because the yellow driver was the one that set the jump record the year before. Turned out I was right as it seemed the green driver (Greg Tracy) got a gratuitous head start for his chance at the world record. Upon correctly guessing the right driver, Hot Wheels sent me a limited edition Super Blitzen casting with the green driver’s paint scheme. It turned out that they actually gave away both versions of the Super Blitzen (one for yellow and one for green) at the actual event that day. While the Super Blitzen resembled the cars used that day for the world record, they were not THE cars.

One year later, a casting based off of the actual cars used in that event, appeared in the Hot Wheels mainline. That casting was dubbed, “Loop Coupe” since it was the coupe that set the world’s largest loop record. Appropriately so, it was released in “yellow driver” and “green driver” paint schemes (yellow driver paint scheme shown below). Since its #First Edition, the Hot Wheels Loop Coupe has been released several times in true #Unlicensed Hot Wheels fashion: in the mainline and in multi-packs.

Diecast Motorsports

RELEASE DETAILS: Gloss Black Body (metal). Light Blue Windows. Yellow Interior. Yellow-Rim, Black PR5 Wheels. Black Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Toy# X1649. Released in 2013 as #5 of 10 in the HW Racing / Thrill Racers Series (also a 2013 New Model).

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