Star Wars Series: ENFORCER

Hot Wheels and #Star Wars had long been in the toy business with merchandise as far back as the ’60s and ’70s respectively. The marriage did not occur until 2014 though as Lucasfilm had previous licensing agreements with Kenner and Hasbro, but not Mattel. It wasn’t until Disney bought Lucasfilm that the Hot Wheels / Star Wars marriage could finally occur. Sure, there are probably other licenses that fit the Hot Wheels brand better as automobiles (in a traditional sense) are not found a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Hot Wheels has exploded with Star Wars merchandise since 2014, producing the character cars, ships, playsets and even putting licensed graphics on the sides of existing Hot Wheels cars in the Pop Culture line and in two #Walmart Exclusive series.

The Hot Wheels Enforcer shown below is from the second of the two Star Wars series found at Walmart. Often referred to as the Stars Wars “Factions” series, all eight cars in the series represent a different faction — or, in a sense, teams as it relates to racing. All of the vehicles in this series are #Unlicensed Hot Wheels so much to other collectors’ dismay, you won’t find any Camaros or Mustangs with exclusive Star Wars graphics. However, its seemingly more fitting that these “fantasy” castings of sort resemble that Star War factions as they are more space-oriented than your typical modern manufacturer’s car model.

Diecast Motorsports

Hot Wheels Enforcer from the 2015 Stars Wars Series, Factions (Rebel Alliance) – BACK

Case in point, check out this Hot Wheels Enforcer representing the Star Wars “Rebel Alliance” faction. Even though the Enforcer casting has been around since the Megaforce series in 1982, its selection to be part of this series and represent the Rebel Alliance cannot be a coincidence as it bears a striking resemblance to a Rebel Alliance X-Wing Fighter … with wheels in place of the signature “X” wings of course.

So while the Hot Wheels Enforcer has been “toned down” as of late — with its missiles on top and radio antenna in back removed — it had its rightful place in this series. Luke Skywalker would be proud, Rebel Alliance for the win!

Diecast Motorsports

RELEASE DETAILS: White Body (metal). Black Windows (tampo). Black Guns. Red-Rim, Black Off-Road 6-Spoke (OR6SP) Wheels. Orange Base (plastic). Made in Malaysia. Released in 2015 as #5 of 8 in the Walmart Exclusive, Star Wars Series (Factions).

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