Heritage / Real Riders: PORSCHE 917K

The end of the 2015 year at Hot Wheels has been full of surprises. Though most of those tend to be associated with the fact that the first couple waves of 2016 cars have been released and 2016 lines are starting to be uncovered, 2015 still has a lot to offer. Hot Wheels rolled out the Heritage line about mid-way through the year (after replacing the Cool Classics) and it has been a huge hit in the collecting world. 5 of the 6 waves of Heritage have been released so far–alternating between Real Riders and Red Lines. Each wave has sold quickly as it seems to be the standard to only find a few less popular castings left behind on the peghooks of your local big box retailer–even those don’t last very long as I have yet to even see a Real Rider and a Red Line pegged together.

In the latest wave of Real Riders, the Porsche 917K was included as previously announced. The surprise came in that it features a #Hot Wheels Race Team inspired deco. If you have been paying attention, you’ve realized that we are big fans of the #Hot Wheels Race Team here at Diecast Motorsports. The Porsche 917K is no stranger here as well as we’ve already reviewed the Porsche Series version released earlier in the year.

This release of the 917K works on so many levels. Its got a nice vintage racing paint scheme that looks like it could have been authentic back in 1970. The Real Rider “Cobra” tires are a nice touch that can truly be appreciated when removed from its packaging. Overall, the 917K is just a great casting (even though we wish the back still opened up).

In the 1:1 scale (real life), the “K” after the 917 stands for “Kurzheck” which is German for “short tail”. This “short tail” version of the 917 was created after the 917 had handling problems due to aerodynamic lift. Its this “short tail” look that really differentiates it from other castings in the Hot Wheels line.

Porsche 917K - 15 Heritage RR 600pxDM

RELEASE DETAILS: Metalflake Blue Body (metal). Clear Windows. Chrome Interior. Chrome Real Rider “Cobra” (RRC) Wheels. Unpainted Metal Base. Toy# CFN62. Released in 2015 in the Hot Wheels Heritage line as #18 of 18 in the Real Riders Series.

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  1. How can I get a Hot Wheels Porsche 917 K?. I live in Lima (Perú). Who does sell it?. Many thanks.

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