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A Hot Wheels casting designed by Larry Wood. Produced from 2009 to the present.

Orange Track Diecast

HotWheelsCollectors.com Series 11 / Real Riders: TEXAS DRIVE ‘EM

Lately, in various Hot Wheels collector circles around the web, I’ve noticed collectors have been mentioning their top 5 HWC/RLC releases of all-time. Its no easy feat as HotWheelsCollectors.com has been selling cars since the Red Line Club was formed in 2002. The site and the club have […]

Orange Track Diecast

2018 RLC Holiday Car: TEXAS DRIVE ‘EM

Merry Christmas!!! Hot Wheels Red Line Club (RLC) members should have gotten their “gift” in time for Christmas as the 2018 #RLC Holiday Car #Texas Drive ‘Em that sold December 4th on HotWheelsCollectors.com (HWC), shipped out in time for collectors to put it under the tree. However, many […]

Orange Track Diecast


With the #RLC #sELECTIONs over at HotWheelsCollectors.com (HWC), Hot Wheels has continually done what no other diecast car company has done — let the collectors have a hand in designing cars. Its every collector’s dream to design their own Hot Wheels car — especially this collector’s dream! — […]