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Orange Track Diecast

Roadkill fan-favorite “ROTSUN” makes it’s Hot Wheels debut; Subscribe to MotorTrend App to get yours!

Roadkill’s favorite turbo-charged rustbucket is the project that never fails to fail. The infamous #Custom ’71 Datsun 240Z nicknamed the “Rotsun” now joins a long list of famed #TV & Movie Cars courtesy of a promotion between Hot Wheels and MotorTrend. For fans of the show — like […]

Orange Track Diecast

Then and Now Series: ’13 DODGE VIPER SRT

If you could sum up modern day Hot Wheels collecting in a nut-shell, one could argue its like keeping up with the Joneses. You’re buying the latest cars, keeping up with the assortments, tracking others’ finds online, and of course, hunting for the #Treasure Hunts — whether to […]