Color Shifters Creatures: PIRANHA TERROR

Creature cars. It seems as though you either love them or you hate them. Lets get two things straight right off the bat. First, not all kids love them contrary to popular belief. Some kids actually prefer real cars they see on the road. Second, not all adults/collectors hate them. There are quite a few (by no means the majority though) that collect particular creature cars.

For me, while I don’t officially collect the Piranha Terror casting (yet!), I do find myself buying most of the ones I see which usually is a tell-tale-sign that collecting this casting is in my immediately future. For me, it was that chunk of a metal base that got me. It is so massive! And, I love how it rounds up in front for a front bumper/teeth-look. The little eyeballs are cool as well…it kind of gives the casting some life. While it does have a plastic body, the Color Shifter ones look very cool when warming up as the casting details are accentuated with bursts of bright colors (seen in picture below).

The Piranha Terror may not be as good on track as originally anticipated due to its body’s short-length, but it is a little speedster on the Hot Wheels Super 6-Lane Raceway due to its metal base. Anything longer than that, it starts to “fish-tail” a little bit [pun intended].

Look for the newest Piranha Terror at your local retailers. It is currently being released in the 2015 mainline HW City segment in the Street Beasts Series. It is one of 15 regular Treasure Hunts for the year.

Piranha Terror - 10 Color Shifters Creatures Copy

RELEASE DETAILS: Yellow to Orange Body (plastic). Purple Bling Wheels. Unpainted Metal Engine and Base. Made In Thailand. Toy# R1178. Released in 2010 as part of the Color Shifters Creatures line.

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