Mystery Models: DEORA II

Sometimes, if we aren’t paying attention, Hot Wheels will release vehicles exclusively in international markets. These often can be hard to find unless you have a good trade partner in that country. More often than not, they are looking for Hot Wheels that are exclusive to U.S. stores seeing how many of the lines beyond the mainline are not carried internationally.

Being an avid Deora II collector, I noticed when this one first showed up in European markets and normally would not have pursued it because I would (and did in this case) assume that they would appear domestically. However, this assortment of Hot Wheels Mystery Models (the ones that come in the foil or “pillow” packs) only showed up in those European markets. Fortunately, I was floored when I was RAOK’d this. ROAK stands for Random Act Of Kindness. A collector from the Netherlands sent me this for nothing! So I made sure to return the act of kindness by sending him some popular Pop Culture cars he had been searching for.

This release of the Deora II is pretty basic in that it did not include the surfboards on top–a common practice for this casting when there is not room for the choking hazard on the packaging. Also, as a Deora II collector, the part that upsets me a little is how the windshield is sunken-in a little bit–something that started happening to this casting with the 2011 Creature Cars 5-Pack release. In all though, I am sure glad that I was able to obtain this one as I have still not seen one for sale.

Deora II - 14 Mystery Models copy

RELEASE DETAILS: Gloss Black Body (metal). Clear Windows. Gold Interior. Chrome PR5 Wheels. Black Base (plastic). Made in Thailand. Release in 2014 in the Mystery Models (European Release Only).

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