Track Aces 5-Pack: RD-05

Some Hot Wheels grab all the headlines. The hobby, more often than not, is about the next “new” thing when sometimes all we need is to go back through our own collections to have a further appreciation for the cars we already have. That was my mind-set when creating this blog. While the newer cars generate a lot of interest, there are some older treasures to be had.

The RD-05 casting originally debuted as part of the AcceleRacers line and was actually kind of hard to find since it was only found in the later assortments. The name in itself is rather bland in terms of the creativity behind it but it does have an explanation. If you’re familiar with the AcceleRacers, you’ll know that there were 4 “teams” of 9 cars. You had the grungy Metal Maniacs, the edgy Teku team, the evil Silencerz and the robotic Racing Drones, hence the “RD” in all 9 of the Racing Drones vehicles’ names.

When the AcceleRacer castings found their way into the Hot Wheels mainline (after the discontinuation of the AcceleRacers in late 2006), their names carried over. The RD-05 is one of my favorite Racing Drones. Its got this off-road, crossover SUV look to it combined with a choppy, hardened exterior that looks like it could be good in battle. It also has dual hood scoop and a spoiler for good measure. The release shown below was found in the 2009 Track Aces 5-Pack and featured a Gold Chrome exterior that really shines! This is one of my favorite releases of the RD-05 since the gold chrome really contrasts all the body lines designer Jun Imai instilled upon this casting.

RD-05 - 09 Track Aces 5PK copy

RELEASE DETAILS: Gold Chrome Body (plastic). Blue-Tinted Windows. Gray Interior. Chrome Open-Hole 5-Spoke (OH5) Wheels. Black Base (Metal). Made in Thailand. Toy# N4079. Released in 2009 in the Track Aces 5-Pack.

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