Team Hot Wheels: BAD TO THE BLADE

This Hot Wheels casting needs no catchy title as Bad to the Blade already has a great name. With the release of the Bad to the Blade in the 2013 Hot Wheels Tracks Stars Series as a hidden Treasure Hunt car, it has already made the transition from the Team Hot Wheels: High-Speed Wheel line to mainline. Lets take a look at the origin of this extremely arrow-dynamic “Indy Car”. Before continuing here, watch the Hot Wheels Test Facility video that shows the Bad to the Blade defy gravity.

This fictional video was created by Hot Wheels for promotional use during the Indianapolis 500 on May 29, 2011. As you can see, the Bad to the Blade 1:1 car was created for the purpose of defying gravity for a short period of time. The Bad to the Blade shown in the picture above was the first release of this car in 1:64 scale. This 2012 Team Hot Wheels: High-Speed Wheel version is almost an exact duplicate of the 1:1 version. The only thing that is different are the green high-speed wheels they decided to give the 1:64 scale version. As described in the video, this “Indy Car” has exceptional arrow-dynamics that create a down-forced on top on the car allowing it to essentially “stick” to the track while upside-down.

If there is one cool thing that the Bad to the Blade has over mostly any other Hot Wheel, its that this vehicle HAS a video that demonstrates the 1:1 in action! Thats 1 more video than popular Hot Wheels castings like the Blown Delivery and Convoy Custom have. Without the video this is just another Hot Wheels Designed “Fantasy Casting” but with it, this casting is truly BAD TO THE BLADE!

Bad to the Blade - 2012 HSW copy

RELEASE DETAILS: White Enamel Body (metal). Yellow-Tinted Windows. Green High-Speed Wheels (HSW). Green Enamel Base (metal). Made in Thailand.

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