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High-Speed Wheels Track Stars: JACK HAMMER

The 2014 High-Speed Wheels Track Stars came and went as the line never hit big box stores here in the United States. Found mostly at Hobby Stores, smaller retailers and even among the few cars hanging at Kohl’s department stores, this series had my eye from the beginning. […]

Team Hot Wheels: BAJA TRUCK

The Baja Truck is a casting that was forged from the Team Hot Wheels Campaign. It all started with the Fearless at the 500 Record Setting Jump on May 29, 2011. Watch the video >> HERE. Does that truck on the ramp look familiar? Its the 1:1 version […]

Team Hot Wheels: Hyundai Genesis

There are many that know the origin story of Hot Wheels, being that these were originally California Custom Miniature cars released in the late 1960’s and that the brand has gone through many metamorphoses through the years: Redlines, Spectraflame Paint, Flying Colors, Super Chromes, Real Riders, First Editions, Treasure Hunts, […]