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Orange Track Diecast

HotWheelsCollectors.com Series 1: DEORA II

Quick! Get into the #Deora II and lets take a trip back to the early days of the Red Line Club (RLC) over at HotWheelsCollectors.com (HWC). HWC was launched on July 29, 2001 by Mattel/Hot Wheels as a place to have collectors share everything Hot Wheels and as a place […]

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Classics Series 5: 8 CRATE

Yesterday we looked at the Vairy 8, a casting whose rear 8-cylinder crate engine plays a huge role in the casting’s overall character. Today we look at another rear 8-cylinder crate engine casting that was originally introduced in the 2003 First Editions, the 8 Crate. While this version […]

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Red Line Club Party: POISON PINTO

Since 2004, Hot Wheels has held a party for its Red Line Club members at the Hot Wheels Collectors Convention and the Hot Wheels Nationals Convention. The Hot Wheels Collectors Convention is held in the fall in Southern California, while the Hot Wheels Nationals Convention has been held […]