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HWOTD // Car Culture / Modern Classics: RENAULT 5 TURBO

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Renault 5 Turbo

Car Culture / Modern Classics


Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels Renault 5 Turbo from the 2017 Car Culture / Modern Classics series

Bring back the #Renault 5 Turbo! I’ve developed a little but of an affinity for the car after recently playing a racing game, and then subsequently seeing a 1:1 on the road. Chalk it up to Hot Wheels bringing us all these cool European cars lately, and now I want more — and it appears other collectors feel the same!

When the first Modern Classics series in Car Culture was release all-the-way back in 2017, Hot Wheels had yet to give the cars in this semi-premium line full-detail. That wouldn’t happen until 2018. So, outside of the 190E that appeared in Modern Classics, the cars were missing the details that collectors love most about the line today. Some cars didn’t need it, whereas others — like the #Renault 5 Turbo — could have really used it.

Take one look at the front of this release and tell me it wouldn’t have been totally badass if that grille had been painted black, headlights & fog lamps were detailed, and if there was a cool euro license plate on that spot in the front. The casting’s front detail is tremendous, so imagine if the graphic detail was there to back it up!

Orange Track Diecast

Color (material): Metalflake Blue (metal)
Chassis (material): Unpainted (metal)
Windows: Clear
Interior: Black
Deco: #16 Yokohama / Sparco Rally Deco
Wheels: White #RR8SP
Country of Manufacture: Thailand
Toy# (SKU): DWH69

CURRENT MARKET VALUE (Carded, September 2021)


Two things hurt the value of the #Renault 5 Turbo while all the other cars from the first two years of #Car Culture seem to be on the rise. First, the casting. This little hot hatch is under-appreciated in America, but adored across the pond. With collectors, falling for the new Lancia Delta Integrale in basics, it may be time to bring this one back.

Thats the other thing though… the casting has only been released once since its debut in 2013 Boulevard: this time. It is pretty much a forgotten casting in the Hot Wheels world. Given the fact that it is a #Renault, it doesn’t help it by any means.

So why is this one on the rise? The impending release of Modern Classics III has collectors going back and scooping up the cars from the original #Car Culture / Modern Classics series. The aforementioned 190E along with the Porsche 964 and ’92 BMW M3 have definitely seen an uptick in value. Even the pegwarmers from the series in the ’85 Honda CR-X and this Renault have seen a new interest from the modern, “Euro-savvy” Hot Wheels collector.

Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels Renault 5 Turbo from the 2017 Car Culture / Modern Classics series (side view)

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  1. This is one I got a couple of years ago when I got back into collecting. One of my autocross racing friends has one. My main interest is the cars I remember from the racing events I attended or watched on TV.

  2. I really love this casting and was happy to see its inclusion in the original Modern Classics mix, but yes, it does suffer from the lack of full detailing with the lack of front and rear tampos. I was also not all that inspired by the blue, white and red livery that was chosen. While this would seem to have been influenced by the Philips livery of the time, the look that really stands out in my memory is the classic yellow and white Renault Sport livery. I would absolutely love to see this casting get another premium release, perhaps this time in Thrill Climbers 2.

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