Tag: First Edition

These are the first edition (or first occurrence) of a particular casting. Often times (for Hot Wheels), these are found in First Editions or New Models Series, but sometimes they are found without the “first edition” designation.

Diecast Motorsports

Entertainment Line: Simon & Simon ’80 DODGE MACHO POWER WAGON

Sometimes, the life of a casting can be as fragile as that of a human life. Not to compare the two, but anyone that has lost knows how quick things can change. Once, a promising casting from the Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment line, the ’80 Dodge Macho Power […]

2015 New Model: TURBINE TIME

Every-so-often the “retired” Larry Wood descends from his perch that overlooks the world of Hot Wheels to deliver us a new Hot Wheels design. In 2015, that casting design has been the Turbine Time which immediately began disappearing from the peghooks of local retailers when collectors and kids alike, […]