Checking out the newest Hot Wheels Chevy Gasser: the HW Drag Strip ’62 CORVETTE GASSER

Gassers have been all the rage for the better part of the last decade in Hot Wheels collecting. The #”55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser has become one of the top 5 Hot Wheels castings of all-time, and other Chevy gassers like the #’66 Chevy Super Nova & #’64 Chevy Nova Wagon Gasser, have their own followings. Hot Wheels #Gassers are typically graphic-friendly as are the 1:1s, and any time you see one, it seems to tell you a story of the builder and/or driver. The point is, gassers are characters, so are custom cars. Hot Wheels cars standout in the world of diecast due to their custom nature. Hot Wheels & gassers are the perfect pairing!

Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels “Mad Mouse” ’62 Corvette Gasser from the 2022 HW Drag Strip Series … also part of the 2022 New Models (with other Hot Wheels Chevy Gassers)

Any time a new Hot Wheels #Gasser comes out, its exciting. The graphics only tell a portion of the story as the car/casting tells the rest. As is the case with the new, #’62 Corvette Gasser — the first Hot Wheels #Corvette gasser! Like the ’55 Bel Air Gasser, this one was designed by Hot Wheels designer, Brendon Vetuskey. Brendon is a gearhead that is painstakingly detail-oriented so its always fun to see the level of detail and care that goes into his castings. He adopted the original ’62 Corvette design by Larry Wood in 2009 and modified it to be a gasser.

This #First Edition release of the #’62 Corvette Gasser features a “Mad Mouse” deco. Brendon actually suggested the name to Hot Wheels graphic designer, Mike McClone — with “Mouse” referring to the small block Chevy engine that came standard in the ’62 Corvette. You’ll also notice that on the rear quarter-panel it reads “Schmid’s CHEVROLET” which is a nod to Hot Wheels track & playsets designer, Paul Schmid who is apparently a big #Corvette guy.

Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels “Mad Mouse” ’62 Corvette Gasser from the 2022 HW Drag Strip Series … also part of the 2022 New Models (SIDE VIEW)

First generation Corvettes have long been a popular choice to be turned into gassers so this one made a lot of sense from a car culture and collecting perspective. This metalflake copper paint that Hot Wheels has is certainly one of the underrated colors out there and for it to be on the #First Edition of this casting should go a long way to building the legacy of this casting in the years to come. The metalflake paint was once again a suggestion from Brendon to Mike as it is similar to the copper color Chevrolet used on the Corvette back in ’62. Collectors always tend to remember the first release of a casting, and between the metalflake copper paint, “Mad Mouse” insignia, and the awesome casting, this casting is off to a great start.

What do you think? How does this new casting stack up compared to the other Hot Wheels #Chevrolet #Gassers? It seems like nothing will ever compete with the #’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser, but the #’62 Corvette Gasser is certainly just as eye-catching. This will be a fun one to collect!

QUICK LINK! Find the ’62 Corvette Gasser on eBay.

Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels “Mad Mouse” ’62 Corvette Gasser from the 2022 HW Drag Strip Series … also part of the 2022 New Models

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  1. Hey Brad!
    Interesting article. I must admit I didn’t know this casting was out. I’m not a big Corvette guy at all but I like the Vette dragsters from the old Drag Strip Demons lineup. So, I’m gonna withhold judgement until I see it in person and more specifically, when/if I see one with real riders. We shall see, but thanks again for the heads up!!

    • Hey Rob! I think you are going to like the stance on this one if you like those. It should look even meaner if this one ever gets Real Riders. Hopefully it will go premium so it gets headlight detail. I’m willing to bet there is a Super Treasure Hunt release coming within the next year or two.

  2. This is my favorite 2022 new model. I love Corvettes. The stance is excellent and the color is to die for. This casting is going to make for a very nice RLC car in the future. Was lucky to find 2 of them in store this week.

  3. I love this casting I got 2 ,would like to see more. Drag strip cars like a 57 t bird and 60 ford sun liners and Pontiac Catalina and GTOs

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