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HWOTD // Hot Wheels iD Series 2 / Rod Squad: RODGER DODGER

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Rodger Dodger

Hot Wheels iD Series 2 / Rod Squad


Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels iD (series 2) Rodger Dodger from the Rod Squad series

If you follow the values of Hot Wheels, one of the more puzzling ones has been the 2020 #Hot Wheels iD #Rodger Dodger. Released amid the pandemic in the shortened 2020 year for the iD line, this spectraflame yellow gold Rodger Dodger was one of 15 vehicles across two mixes that found itself in what would end up being a transition year for the iD line.

Yes, the iD line started out with a bang, and 2019 was one of the best years for online hunting as Amazon was dropping a new wave every couple weeks. Most of the vehicles were easy to buy from Amazon, but the store exclusives were slightly more challenging to track down. In-store inventory levels at Target and Walmart have remained flat and buying iD at retail has been troubling to say the least.

Amazon appears to no longer be bringing in new inventory from the line, so with that, iD-savvy collectors have resorted to buying from online hobby dealers. Yeah, it gets pricey, but if you buy the factory-sealed (full) cases that is your best bet! Trade the extras to a buddy, or sell at your local show. #Hot Whees iD is not a line that is at the forefront of collecting, so chances are, someone locally hasn’t been able to secure the latest releases. 

I bought the 2020 releases online, and I am glad I did! I never found these mixes at retail as the overabundance of Series 1 has bogged down shelves at retail even after the product finally moved. Series 2 (from 2020, not 2021) — yeah, confusing, I know — seemed to be in short supply as it came and went. I would watch values on those releases to see if they depict production numbers that had been sharply cut.

Orange Track Diecast

Color (material): Spectraflame Yellow Gold (metal)
Chassis (material): Dark Smoke (plastic)
Windows: Smoke
Interior: Chrome
Deco: Black Flames outlined in Red
Wheels: Chrome #iD5 w/ Redline Tires
Country of Manufacture: Malaysia
Toy# (SKU): GML39

CURRENT MARKET VALUE (Boxed, August 2021)

$33.21 ▼

Despite this release of the #Rodger Dodger being in short supply there seems to have been some confusion on behalf of buyers. Some buyers thought this gold Rodger Dodger, was THIS GOLD RODGER DODGER — prompting outrageous sale prices in the $200 to $400 range in May of 2021. Two outliers even went over $1,000! Since then, value has steadily come down as more of these got listed.

For having such a crazy peak, the value of this Rodger Dodger remains pretty high in the $30-range. One can speculate that since the release is rather limited — being from that weird transition year for iD — that a more limited supply of these haven’t crashed overinflated prices completely. For a #Hot Wheels iD release, it remains one of the higher-priced vehicles from the line.

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  1. Good Article. I still like the iD line even though there seems to be no rhyme or reason about how or when there are new releases. Guess it makes it more of a challenge to collect these cool cars.

  2. [Corrected Post Please Use]

    This line is going to get very very high in value in coming years. Each car is one of a kind that’s in the “NFT League” these were way before it’s time. The new tech generation of high net worth collectors will go crazy for these in the future. If the iD series is actually discontinued these will go back to the $1-2k range where they peaked. What’s seems clearly forgotten is this series got directly hit by the global shutdown and shortages. Plus it was already going to be a limited production run. Collectors went first for one of the only original vintage casting in this series the “Rodger Dodger” with a higher demand for the spectra flame yellow gold release. No one got confused with the emplyoee release as some has suggested because they didn’t understand the high demand for this model at the time factories were close, “Bingo!”. Your prices on all iD need to update they are all selling for way more in today’s secondary market. They are in the $89-125 now. Highest listed on eBay is $2k collectors grabbed all of them up at the end of 2020 beginning of 2021 somehow they knew this line was coming to an end. Anyone selling now knowing the future is all about this type of technology will definitely regret not holding. JMO!

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