Hot Wheels Boulevard Set: ’52 HUDSON HORNET

This ’52 Hudson Hornet is one vintage beauty! It was released in 2012 as part of the Hot Wheels Boulevard 30-Car Box Set. The casting’s classic design along with a perfectly executed vintage racing design of the #Hot Wheels Race Team made this an instant hit with collectors. Oddly enough, the boxed set version did not resemble the regular Boulevard version as that initial release came in metallic sky blue with a white top, classic white wall tires and a non-racing scheme. The Hudson Hornet was one of five vehicles in this box set (placed along the top of it) to receive an exclusive paint scheme whereas the other 25 vehicles look the same as they did for their Boulevard series solo release.

This release of the Hudson Hornet is one of many Hot Wheels #Cars featuring names of Mattel Employees. Hot Wheels designer, Jun Imai is featured on the roof and former Administrator of, Chris Parker, is represented on the front fenders with the “PARKER PARTS” logo.

If you’re into racing nostalgia the Hudson Hornet is a perfect car for you — and this release in-particular! Hudson was the first automobile manufacturer to get involved with stock car racing as these Hornets were a force to be reckoned with as they dominated stock car racing back in the early 1950s when actual “stock” cars were raced. In the midst of all the winning, the Fabulous Hudson Hornet was born and was the basis for the character, Doc Hudson, from the 2006 movie, Cars.

As it stands, there are 6 versions of the Hot Wheels ’52 Hudson Hornet, and that list is featured below.

Orange Track Diecast

RELEASE DETAILS: Matte Blue with White Top (metal). Clear Windows. Black Interior. Chrome-Rim, Red Real Riders Steelie Wheels. Unpainted Metal Base. Made in Malaysia. Toy# W9600. Released in 2012 exclusively in the Hot Wheels Boulevard 30-Car Boxed Set.

’52 Hudson Hornet releases:

  1. Metallic Sky Blue w/ White Top (2012 Hot Wheels Boulevard)
  2. Matte Blue w/ White Top (2012 Hot Wheels Boulevard Box Set) … Shown Above
  3. Spectraflame Olive w/ Beige Top (2012 RLC Rewards Series)
  4. Spectrafrost Antifreeze (2014 Hot Wheels Cool Classics Series 2)
  5. Enamel Red (2016 HW Flames Series)
  6. Spectraflame Dark Red (2016 HW Flames Series) … Super Treasure Hunt

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