Orange Track Diecast

Why I decided to purchase my first 1969 REDLINE, the Hot Wheels CUSTOM CHARGER

As a child of the 1980s, I was born into the Hot Wheels #Real Riders era by default. Many of my favorite childhood cars had them. See Real Riders: Jeep Scrambler. When I started collecting in the mid-1990s, Hot Wheels #Redlines had already taken off in value — […]

Hot Wheels 2020 Mainline “K” Case Unboxing

4/17/2020 — Well, this is a surprise. My friend @tandphwguide has a 2020 Hot Wheels case subscription through Jcar Diecast, his local hobby dealer in Houston. James over there got in the newest mainline assortment: the #2020 Hot Wheels “K” case. Below are the images Tim took, showing […]

Orange Track Diecast

Rod Squad: ’68 CHEVY NOVA

Who doesn’t love Hot Wheels with shark face nose art? I mean, these Hot Wheels with the fighter-plane-inspired artwork are cool. I like them so much I have dedicated a specific tag to them on this site. See: #Shark Face Nose Art. Various Hot Wheels have worn this […]