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HWOTD // HW City – Speed Team (2014 New Models): LaFERRARI

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HW City – Speed Team (2014 New Models)


Once again, there are rumblings that Ferrari could be coming back to Hot Wheels in 2024. If Hot Wheels and Ferrari are able to strike a new licensing agreement, collectors would welcome the prancing horse back with open arms as there hasn’t been a new Hot Wheels Ferrari produced in the last 10 years.

Previously, the relationship between Ferrari and Mattel had been tense but fruitful. These two companies worked together producing some marvelous pieces in the 2000s that extended past your average mainline car. The approval process typically required some extra steps but there are some brilliant 1:18 and 1:43 scale Hot Wheels Ferraris out there because of it. Collectors have also taken a liking to the 3 years of Ferrari Racer — a stand-alone semi-premium Ferrari line in 1:64 (2007-2009).

Since Hot Wheels and Ferrari split at the end of 2014, Hot Wheels #Ferraris have become highly sought after by collectors, and values have reflected this. The Hot Wheels brand has also seen a revamping of sorts with the expansion of higher-quality, full-premium lines like #Car Culture and #Boulevard as well as an ultra-premium “renaissance” through the #Red Line Club and the #Elite 64 lines. Can you imagine these lines with Ferrari now? Something tells me Ferrari may be softening their stance and allowing Mattel back in.

So what was last Ferrari casting Hot Wheels produced?

The #LaFerrari from the #2014 Hot Wheels mainline was released in the HW City – #Speed Team Series. It was also part of the #2014 New Models and released only once, but in two colorways: red and metalflake silver.

Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels LaFerrari from the 2014 HW City – Speed Team series (in red). Also part of the 2014 New Models.

Back in 2015, when it was discovered that Hot Wheels and Ferrari had indeed parted ways, I sold many of my Hot Wheels Ferraris thinking I would capitalize on the values skyrocketing, and buy back later when Ferrari returned. Over the next 10 years, my collecting habits (and rules) have changed drastically and I sorely regret doing this to make a quick buck. I have since been buying back some of my favorite Hot Wheels Ferraris that I sold, but a huge void in my collection exists when it comes to #Ferrari in my collection.

One of said Ferraris that I had to buy back was the #LaFerrari. One, I got a great price on it, and two, I needed to have “The Ferrari” back in my collection. It isn’t my favorite Ferrari design by any means, but for Ferrari to name it what it did, means the actual car is something special. Plus, I have now seen one in person and also have a better understanding on how crazy this car is thanks to Doug DeMuro’s explanation of the LaFerrari’s “quirks and features”.

Color (material): Red (metal)
Chassis (material): Black (plastic)
Windows: Smoke/Black
Interior: Black
Deco: Ferrari badging, headlights
Wheels: Chrome PR5 Wheels
Country of Manufacture: Malaysia
Toy# (SKU): BDC80

Orange Track Diecast

ESTIMATED MARKET VALUE (In Original Packaging, April 2023)


The value on the red variant of the #2014 Hot Wheels #LaFerrari does seem to be trending down in the last several months. I’m not sure the cause for this, but it may be more collectibles-related fatigue versus this specific release demanding any less. As inflation hit in 2022, values on everything sky-rocketed, and now values seem to be leveling-off (and in some cases declining). Typically, you can expect to find this car in the $28 to $40 range.

Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels LaFerrari from the 2014 HW City – Speed Team series (in red). Also part of the 2014 New Models. REAR VIEW

Value aside, it deserves to be in your collection. One, it if the #First Edition of the #LaFerrari casting. Two, it comes in a red meant to replicate Ferrari’s famed red color, “Rosso Corsa”. Three, only this red variant and the metalflake silver one exist in Hot Wheels 1:64 form and we may never see this #Ferrari model cast again. “The Ferrari” is certainly a must-have for any collector of #Exotic cars and — for now — the last Ferrari Hot Wheels produced.

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  1. I have this beautiful stallion in my collection, Brad. Also, going back to your article about the 1956 Hi-Tail-Hauler Monster Truck, I finally found that truck, and added it to my collection, plus, I want to let you know about a 2022 New Casting in the Monster Trucks line that I just uncovered: Cage Rattler. I never saw this one on the official list from las year, at all, so I just wanted to tell you about it.

  2. Great article , we are waiting to see Ferrari and Hot Wheels as a team once again.

    A lot of great Ferrari castings produced.

  3. Great article BRAD. I cannot wait a whole year. Well I guess I can. Please bring FERRARI back first by using the RLC treatment in Bright Red with everything opening and moving that is possible in a UV acrylic case. Plus please give it to HWCVAN so he and the Team can bring it back with a “” BANG “”.

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