HWC SALE 6/21: HWC Special Edition ’64 Pontiac GTO

06/16/2016 — It looks as though we will see our first sale in a long time over at The HWC Special Edition ’64 Pontiac GTO goes on sale next Tuesday (6/21) at 9:00AM PST. This car was originally slated to be released last year but production issues delayed its sale until now. It will have an #Opening Hood, #Neo-Classic Redlines and have #Spectraflame Red paint over a Mirrorized Chrome surface (since it was originally for 2015, it was produced before the decision to go back to the Hand-Polished surface). It will be limited to no more than 3,000 pcs., come on a blister card (inside a Kar Keeper) and will be priced at $19.99 + Shipping & Processing. Most importantly, these should be shipping out almost immediately.


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