New 8-car set: Star Wars Planets

07/25/2016 — Over the weekend we saw a variety of reveals at the San Diego Comic Con which was a full display of the licensed product that Hot Wheels now has to offer. The galactic alliance with #Star Wars has been fruitful and will produce another 8-car series which will most likely be #Walmart Exclusives. This time around its the Star Wars planets that get the nod as each vehicle features planet inspired art to go along with the uniquely designed blister cards. The list of cars in this series are featured below:

Star Wars Planets Series

  1. Muscle Tone (Kamino)
  2. Fast Fish (Mustafar)
  3. The Vanster (Tatooine)
  4. Rockster (Hoth)
  5. Pony-Up (Dagobah)
  6. Silhouette II (Bespin)
  7. HW Pursuit (Endor)
  8. Torque Screw (Jakku)

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