ATTENTION! Hot Wheels Convention 2023 Ticket Information for HW Newsletter subscribers

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37th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention (2023) Logo. Used with permission from Collectors Events Unlimited.

The Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals may have ended just a few weeks ago, but its already time to start looking forward to the 37th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention in Los Angeles at the LAX Marriott October 4-8, 2023. Demand for convention tickets has reached an all-time high! The raffle-system used to distribute tickets for Nationals didn’t work as intended so convention organizer, Collectors Events Unlimited has released a statement announcing an updated method for the sale of convention tickets.

The first sale will be held exclusively for Hot Wheels Newsletter subscribers. Hot Wheels Newsletter subscriptions can still be purchased until Saturday, April 29th, however, purchase of one does not guarantee you will be able to purchase a convention ticket. It does deliver a super rad magazine full of new release checklists and articles by fellow collectors (like yours truly) straight to your door!

Here is the official announcement by Mark & Jennifer from Collectors Events Unlimited:


37th Annual Hot Wheels® Collectors Convention


Tickets will be on sale for Newsletter Members only on May 2, 2023, at 10AM Pacific time on our website.

Any payments received BEFORE this date/time will be REFUNDED. This sale is limited to the first 1,000 tickets. ALL OTHERS WILL BE REFUNDED. All confirmations should be out by May 19, 2023. Tickets will be $85 per ticket through PayPal only. You can purchase up to three tickets including the NL member. After your purchase, you MUST email the Names, Addresses, CURRENT NL # (these will be verified and refunded if NOT current), and email addresses to send confirmations to for each ticket purchased.

If you miss out on this, your first chance to purchase tickets… We will have a Public Sale later in the month of May!

Keep your eyes on our FB page and website:

Thank you,
Mark & Jennifer Millhollin

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  1. So these conventions, what’s the ticket good for? Never been and was curious. I know you get the cars with the ticket but there’s also a dinner, bingo, auction and other stuff from what I’ve read in the past. So what exactly are you guaranteed with the ticket and what if you miss out? You can’t go?

    • The ticket is good for a number of things. One, you get access to the convention where there are a variety of free events like downhill racing, contests where you can win prizes, and autograph sessions. You also have the opportunity to buy the two souvenir cars AND it gets you the finale car for free — that alone is worth the price. Room-to-room buying/selling/trading is one of the best aspects as that is typically where I spend most of my time buying and meeting other collectors. In addition to the ticket, there are a few add-ons like the dinner and vending sessions that come at an additional cost.

  2. I feel a little uneasy now. I renewed back in Feb but never got a confirmation email from them. Emailed multiple times and never heard back. Hope they dont cancel my purchase if im lucky

  3. Hello friend, my name is João and I’m from Brazil. I have a Brazilian blog about Hot Wheels miniatures and I use your site as inspiration to write my articles, do you mind looking for some information on your site and writing articles about them on my blog? I admire your site and the good thing is that I can bring you news from outside the country. Hugs.

    • I would imagine if you were able to purchase, you were in the first 1,000 so long as you took the steps above and you’re HWN# can be verified.

      • Thanks. Looks like the website still allows tickets to purchase so I am not sure if that means tickets are still available or if they don’t cap it off till everything has been verified. BTW, is the dinner car only available to those who buys the dinner event when it becomes available? Thanks for replying.

  4. Question: if the newsleter members get priotity than does that sell out because of the demands of the tickets or is there a limit for newsletter members. also how many tickets per member

    • First 1,000 tickets reserved for Newsletter Subscribers per above statement. Each Newsletter subscriber could have bought up to 3 tickets per subscription.

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