Hot Wheels Monster Trucks takes the old school approach with the new ’56 HI-TAIL HAULER MONSTER TRUCK

Old school Hot Wheels collectors rejoice! Perhaps the most popular Hot Wheels truck from the first couple decades of the Hot Wheels brand is back in #Hot Wheels Monster Trucks form! Recently, the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks (HWMT) line has been the most nostalgic in terms of classic Hot Wheels — even moreso than basics, premium, and the RLC! Basics and premium have went a more worldly route and RLC has become more focused on innovation than Hot Wheels nostalgia so that leaves the HWMT line to have a new take on some old classics (ie. VW Drag Bus Monster Truck Treasure Hunt).

Since Hot Wheels and Monster Jam parted ways in 2018, the HWMT team at Mattel has made a giant effort to get collectors to buy into a line that is mostly targeted to kids. By introducing #Treasure Hunts, store exclusives, vintage trucks (like #Bigfoot and Samson), and some new takes on classic Hot Wheels, more and more collectors are finding the enjoyment in collecting the HWMT line.

Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels ’56 Hi-Tail Hauler Monster Truck (2023 New Model) with the original Hi-Tail Hauler casting

The deco on the new #’56 Hi-Tail Hauler Monster Truck actually pulls from the original release of the #Hi-Tail Hauler in the 1977 Flying Colors line. The blue Hi-Tail Hauler shown here is from the 1979 Hot Wheels mainline since I don’t have the original.

Hot Wheels designer Brendon Vetuskey took on the challenge of bringing the HTH to life in 2023 and has done so marvelously by creating a new truck casting with sharper lines and smoother curves. He also accentuated the side exhaust and somehow managed to enhance the aesthetics of the truck with a blown engine protruding the hood. Yes, part of the charm of the original casting (and the namesake) were those twin hi-tail bikes. Maybe there is room for them to appear on a future — perhaps #Treasure Hunt — release, but for now, they’ve been omitted.

Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels ’56 Hi-Tail Hauler Monster Truck (2023 New Model) with the original Hi-Tail Hauler casting

Seriously, its so good to see that the #Hi-Tail Hauler is back, even if it is in HWMT form. I remember back in the 2000s when collectors repeatedly clamored for the casting to make a comeback in the Red Line Club. In 2009 — it did — only to become one of quite a few HWC one-and-dones. Thanks to Brendon for being a Hot Wheels collector at heart and bringing this awesome Ford F-100 truck back to life. The truck makes a great #Monster Truck regardless of the Hot Wheels nostalgic factor and I can’t wait to see what other decos this one comes in!

QUICK LINK! Find the ’56 Hi-Tail Hauler Monster Truck for sale on eBay.

Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels ’56 Hi-Tail Hauler Monster Truck (2023 New Model) crushing the Flat Iron crushed car

Have you been collecting the #Hot Wheels Monster Trucks? If so, will you be picking this one up? If not, which others are you buying?

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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Brad! This was a fun one to work on and bring back, and you will see more nostalgic castings making a return like this as long as I’m on the line

      • Currently I have 47 on display, loose, and carded, with the rest in storage, Brad, also, in regards to your question about the HTH truck, yes, I will add it to my collection, once I find it.

      • I’ve got multiple crates filled with my Hot Wheels, and they’re kept in a storage unit, along with most of my military aviation book library, Brad.

  2. That 1956 Ford hi-tail hauler monster truck is awesome.👍 I have this one in my hot wheels collection and I have a bunch of other hot wheels monster trucks in my hot wheels collection.👍

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