DIMACHINNI VELOCE is the newest Hot Wheels rally car that we didn’t know we needed — drawing from ’70s Italian design.

THIS is why I love Hot Wheels: #Unlicensed Hot Wheels designs. I obviously love the licensed stuff too, but man, when you get a period mashup like the #Dimachinni Veloce, its hard not to be a fan of the designers the brand has. In my opinion, unlicensed Hot Wheels — or Hot Wheels originals — are one of the things that have always set the brand apart from all the other diecast manufacturers out there and the designs showcase the designer’s true creativity.

Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels Dimachinni Veloce from the 2022 HW Daredevils series, also part of the 2022 New Models

Dmitriy Shakhmatov, a senior designer for the Hot Wheels brand, designed this new casting that features his nickname “Dima” in the casting’s namesake. The back of the card states: “Our own take on the ’70s Italian grand tourer, this four-seater coupe would have been seen slaying the turns of the Rallye Sanremo. It’s ready to shred asphalt and gravel.” When I see a new Hot Wheels original and hear a description like that, I love to pick apart the design and attempt to see where the designer pulled their inspiration from.

I think any time Hot Wheels collectors hear “’70s Italian Design” their minds race straight to the De Tomaso Pantera. The Pantera has been at the top of collectors’ wishlists for years and everyone is thrilled that we will finally see the licensed model appear in the 2022 Boulevard line.

Looking at the #Dimachinni Veloce, the Pantera clearly isn’t the silhouette the casting is based on. In all actuality, I expect the Pantera’s influence on this casting to be rather minimal. I think Dima’s inspiration for the silhouette on this one came from the Lamborghini Espada — a lengthy 2-door grand tourer with a front 3.9L V12 engine made from 1968 to 1978. In addition to that, there looks to be inspiration from another Lamborghini from the era: the Urraco. The flip up headlights and rear window louvers are definitely characteristics of the 1:1 Urraco (produced 1972-1979), but they aren’t specific to that car by any means. I see the Espada, Urraco & Pantera influence, but I am sure he pulled from other rally cars from the era and wouldn’t be surprised if some of you could see some Lancia elements here as well.

Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels Dimachinni Veloce from the 2022 HW Daredevils series, also part of the 2022 New Models (side view)

Being able to discuss with other collectors over what the inspiration is here is what its all about. I am sure some of you will comment that you see this ’70s Italian car or that modern rally element represented, but the truly cool aspect is that no one outside of Dima can say definitively what his influence was here. There is a creative freedom utilized here to put out what Dima would have loved to see “slaying the turns of Rallye Sanremo” — and that is what makes these Hot Wheels original designs so special!

Let’s take a moment to point out some other cool features of the #Dimachinni Veloce, namely the color breaks. Hot Wheels designers use color breaks in the casting’s body for two reasons deriving from one core need: to save money. Currently, they are able to save money by having more plastic and less diecast. Plastic is a cheaper material to produce and helps lighten the load for transit. Replacing diecast with plastic is something we have seen more of as the brand diligently tries to still keep the vehicles under $1 in this day and age. Another way designers actually like to save money is to not have to tampo elements because the color of the interior & window pieces can be used to break up the body. Items like the rear window louvers, hood, front end, and mud flaps of this casting were all made possible by having color breaks. In my opinion, it gives the car a cleaner look, but I am sure some collectors would be quick to say its all about money. Either way, I’m a fan! This casting breaks in all the right places — a true sign of a magnificent design.

Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels Dimachinni Veloce from the 2022 HW Daredevils series, also part of the 2022 New Models (on orange track)

This is the #First Edition of the #Dimachinni Veloce but the next variant has already started to appear in dark red as part of the #2022 Hot Wheels “N” case assortments. The blue on this one looks fantastic and since this car is an #Unlicensed Hot Wheels design, you can bet we will see this casting in some brilliant & colorful liveries in the future. The Dimachinni Veloce is my next favorite Hot Wheels original design and you should consider getting on board with this first release if you haven’t already! Great job, Dima … can’t wait to see what this collection looks like in 10 years!

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  1. Really love this design and was going to put it in a post of deserving Mattel original designs that deserve to be in RLC contention.

    However, my account is having that ever dwindling data allowed posting privilege issue. No one in the IT department can figure that out so no Pics for me!

    This casting is so cool and would make at minimum a cool all zamac premium casting. We need more non-licensed cool castings done up properly by Van, for retail at a minimum if not for RLC.

  2. Yeah, the original castings coming out are really creative, so I have to grab them up when I never considered them before. I picked this one up not only because of the blue hue but of those classic details of an era now gone. Different, fresh and exciting.

    The other ones I think have an authentic originality are the Velocita, Twin Mill III and Count Muscula! Sometimes you just have to break out get what you like and so it’s cool to go with something that’s out of the norm!

  3. This car is so cool. Sometimes they just nail awesomeness with fantasy castings like The Rodger Dodger, Bone Shaker & Twin Mill

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