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HWOTD // Car Culture / Silhouettes: RWB PORSCHE 930

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RWB Porsche 930

Car Culture / Silhouettes


Orange Track Diecast
Hot Wheels RWB Porsche 930 from the 2019 Car Culture / Silhouettes series (rear view)

Amazing to think that the #RWB Porsche 930 once came three to a case (of 10) in Hot Wheels #Car Culture. Back in 2018 & 2019 premium, there was a marketing logic behind offsetting the case quantities. It seemed to make sense, reducing potential pegwarmers — the ’76 Chevy Monza in this case — to one per, while perceived hits would get the extra slot coming 3 per case.

For the most part, the logic worked. Yes, I am aware the 50th Anniversary Premium #’60s Ford Econoline Pickup hung around for a while after being overloaded in those cases. The success of staggering the counts outweighs that one example however. Less desirable castings like the ’76 Chevy Monza (Silhouettes), Volkswagen Golf Mk7 (Gulf Racing), and Volkswagen Sunagon (Cargo Carriers) became quasi-chase pieces. Popular releases like this #RWB Porsche 930 (Silhouettes), ’69 Ford Mustang Boss 302 (Gulf Racing), and Ford Transit Super Van in #Gulf Racing livery (Cargo Carriers) were simply more attainable.

When something becomes more attainable, it tends to have an effect on value. That may have been the case initially as the #RWB Porsche 930 could be found with some ease — I remember seeing many left behind. However, after 3 years, and only one other release of this specific casting, the value of this piece has more than quadrupled.

Orange Track Diecast

Color (material): Matte Black (metal)
Chassis (material): Black (metal)
Windows: Smoke
Interior: Black
Deco: Gold “RAUH-Welt” Livery
Wheels: Chrome-Rim, Black #RR6SPMag
Country of Manufacture: Thailand
Toy# (SKU): FYN68

CURRENT MARKET VALUE (Carded, April 2022)


The #RWB Porsche 930 is clearly a great casting, and this release is a G-rated take on RWB’s (presumed) first creation: the Stella Artois ’85 Porsche 930 owned by RWB creator, Akira Nakai himself. This car (different casting) — along with a Akira Nakai mini fig — was also released via the Red Line Club in 2019, and value of that has skyrocketed as well. Clearly collectors love the wild designs of RWB, but we haven’t seen any past the purple variant in Team Transport (2020).

Collectors have begun to speculate that there may be licensing issues with the #RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF license. Whether its #Porsche not kindly accepting these creations as “Porsches” or if its having to pay a premium to have a two licenses for manufacturer, clearly there is a reason we haven’t seen more and Hot Wheels has focused their energy on other brands. The uncertainty has collectors grabbing these up and its one of those Hot Wheels cars that you can only expect to climb in value.

If you’re so daring, please leave your predictions in the comments on where you see the value of this #RWB Porsche 930 release in 5 years (2027). Could we be looking at a future $100+ car despite once coming 3 to a case?

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  1. With inflation the way it is now, $100 may be low. I hope there is another release of the RLC Porsches.

  2. I don’t think it will go up to the $100 mark. I think it will stabilize at $75. Hotwheels still has the Porsche license as we speak. Regarding RWB licensing goes, we don’t know. As for collectors of RWB, there are plenty of them on the market by other manufacturers such as Inno 64, Tarmac and so forth if I’m not wrong. They are also better in quality and details. Now wether Nakia’s image is inappropriate for children or not is questionable for Hotwheels to promote such individuals as we know that Hotwheels are toy based manufacturers and refrain from tobacco, alcohol, and other usage. From experience there was a wrong message sent to my kids when I showed a video of Nakai when he was fabricating his work on these cars with cigarettes in his mouth. Now for collectors that might me nothing, but for Hotwheels….that might raise a red flag. To each their own you might say but the image can be devastating for Hotwheels. So it might be a licensing issue and if it is with RWB, prices can go way over $100. When marketing comes, this is one off them that makes collectors continue buying their products untill they make another one. It’s been 5 years?, still collecting , still waiting? . Thanks for reading

    • So I guess Marlboro liveries are out of the question?… even ones with just the red & white paint scheme…. I just don’t see the correlation with children wanting to pick up a smoke just because their favorite race car dons a tobacco brand sponsor.
      I totally get it though, so I’m fully aware of image degradation as far as Mattel is concerned & how influence is vastly regulated concerning tobacco & alcohol sponsorships in racing especially with diecast vehicles.
      My teenage son’s favorite t-shirt is a Porsche 962 with the Rothmans livery, but he has no desire to pick up butts. I grew up watching drag racing in the 80’s and we had Nascar and they had beer & cigarette sponsorship, but the real influence came from friends or parents who smoked so we had easy access to start the habit… the mystique to smoke was generated less by advertising!

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