Speaking of Employee Exclusive Hot Wheels cars … the HW Design Teams receive their Rodger Dodger TODAY (UPDATED 6/28)

12/14/2018 — Call it casual Friday, call it our mini “end-of-the-year holiday party” at OTD, call it whatever… today feels like an event with the MEA 2018: ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser article going live, AND now we get a peek at another internal release at Mattel. Today, the Hot Wheels Design Team — consisting of HW Design, Marketing, Brand Creative and Development — got their annual gift today: the #Rodger Dodger you see below. Its gold-chrome in color and has the names of the teams behind the front fender. Also, it looks to feature a new set of wheels.

For those that think the #MEA pieces are rare, the Design Center #Employee Exclusives would be considered more of a unicorn-piece then, with numbers in the double-digits. No, I was not lucky enough to score one of these, as these pictures come courtesy of Hot Wheels Designer, Eric Han. You can follow him on his Instagram: @ehancho … but only if you also love pictures of food and Cooper, his dog. 😉

UPDATED 6/27/2019 — I originally posted this article a little over 6 months ago, only to take it down several minutes later at the request of Mattel. This #Employee Exclusive #Rodger Dodger was apparently the first #Hot Wheels iD car, long before anyone outside of those involved, knew about it. Check out the Hot Wheels iD logo on the sides of that gold-chrome body. Also, note the #iD 5-Spoke Wheels — oh, and the clear acrylic plinth (base). Employee pieces are always nice, but this Rodger Dodger is ultra-cool. No word yet on if it is a playable car in the game.

UPDATED 6/28/2019 — Hot Wheels Designer, Brendon Vetuskey confirmed that the Rodger Dodger can, in fact, be scanned into the Hot Wheels iD app. He also added that each car contains data direct from their Mattel badge making in easy to trace back to the original owner.

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