The MERCEDES-BENZ ACTROS is one of the coolest Hot Wheels haulers to date, and its not in Team Transport!

Okay, plastic wheels and graffiti graphics aside, the #Mercedes-Benz Actros is definitely one of the coolest Hot Wheels haulers out there. Based on the real Mercedes #Semi Truck, this one features a trailer that is capable of hauling a pretty spectacular payload. Just how does one reveal said, “payload”? … Simply pull up on the sides of the truck on either side to prop up the trailer’s #Gull-Wing Doors. Classic #Mercedes feature, huh? The gull-wing doors on a trailer may be one of the coolest ways to reveal a payload, and honestly, I am surprised this idea wasn’t executed first in the #Team Transport line.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Mercedes-Benz Actros from the 2021 Track Stars Trucks line (open gull-wing cargo doors)

The #Track Trucks line is a Hot Wheels basic-level line of transporters that are designed to not only hold a vehicle but are also able to race down the orange track. The line retails around the $4 price-point and does not come with a vehicle. Obviously, the goal of the line is to promote orange track play value among children, but someone at Mattel seems to be enticing collectors more and more with a handful of really cool licensed haulers in the mix. This #First Edition release of the #Mercedes-Benz Actros comes in a case among the second release of the Scania Rally Truck and the line’s stalwart licensed casting: the Custom Volkswagen Hauler.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Mercedes-Benz Actros from the 2021 Track Stars Trucks line (in original packaging)

Judging by the cab’s front grill, this looks to be the latest generation of the #Mercedes-Benz Actros which does have a standard 2-axle chassis. The trailer, on the other hand, does sit a little further back than a standard trailer would on this truck, which I can only assume is to help with the Hot Wheels loops this casting was designed to take on. It also has a single axle — something a normal trailer wouldn’t have but is standard among Hot Wheels #Track Trucks. The detail of the trailer suggests this could be a shipping container on a trailer chassis, which undoubtedly makes the design that much cooler. It’s times like these that I wish Hot Wheels would let me do a little freelance graphic design for them.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Mercedes-Benz Actros from the 2021 Track Stars Trucks line

Had the #Meredes-Benz Actros been released in a premium line like #Team Transport, you can bet the casting’s trailer would have looked entirely different. Graphics-wise, the Hot Wheels graffiti design would have been swapped in favor of a racing sponsor — possibly #Mercedes. Can you imagine the collectors’ response had this release made its debut in black, white, or in one of the many silvers Mercedes uses? Collectors would have been scooping them off the pegs to carry one of the many fine Mercedes castings Hot Wheels now makes. However, the team at Hot Wheels seems to be committed to the bright & colorful graphics when it comes to the #Track Trucks line. Who knows, maybe they will throw collectors a bone and release a clean Actros in one of the typical Mercedes colors mentioned above.

As for the graffiti design, I mean, I do remember traveling through Europe and seeing #Semi Trucks with graffiti all over them — so this isn’t entirely unrealistic. It’s just that thinking of a clean version of the casting in the back of my mind has me hopeful for a chance that could happen.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Mercedes-Benz Actros from the 2021 Track Stars Trucks line (on orange track)

Overall, the casting is a great licensed hauler. The trailer levels up the play value for kids and collectors with the #Gull-Wing Doors #Opening Feature. Would something like this be received well in #Team Transport? You Bet! But, at the basic-level in the #Track Trucks line, it’s nice to have a cool hauler without all the hype. This may be a casting that I end up collecting … it will depend on how Hot Wheels releases this truck in the future.

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  1. this one surely is a collector’s need-to-have truck! yeah if they made it in team transport it surely different, and make it as Track Stars indeed, my rating is 8/10 😀

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