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Worldwide Optimism ’67 CAMARO by Hot Wheels x Race Service x Ornamental Conifer

Hot Wheels collaborations have been happening all across the board lately — and, not all are being released online and selling out in a matter of minutes (or seconds in some cases). Take for instance the #2021 Hot Wheels #HW Dream Garage #’67 Camaro: the initial white colorway is currently available at retail. NOTE: Blue and gold variants are still to come … more on that in a minute.

This release of the long-time collector-favorite, #’67 Camaro is the latest in a partnership with Rod Chong (@rev_sect on Instagram) whose previous projects netted Hot Wheels vehicles from Speedhunters, Project Cars 2, Roborace, among others. As part of his cross-media creative agency named, Race Service, Rod brought in British artist, Nicolai Sclater who is known as Ornamental Conifer (@ornamentalconifer on IG) who hand-painted the Hot Wheels 1:1 ’67 Camaro in his own style. Phrases like “Worldwide Optimism” and “Perpetual Childhood” extend the length of the body, while “Hope” and “Change” are seen throughout the design with logos for Race Service and Ornamental Confier as well. One of the more uniquely placed messages is on the back of the car’s rear spoiler where “ABCDEFGHIJKLMNEVERGROWUPQRSTUVWXYZ” makes you pull a double-take. And, of course, today’s announcement of the Hot Wheels Legends Tour resuming on April 15 makes you wonder if this car will be at events when the in-person shows resume at Walmarts nationwide.

It is worth noting that since the car is a basic model that is being released in the #2021 Hot Wheels mainline, the deco is not 100% authentic to the real car as some of the smaller messaging was omitted, and a tampo pass was not done on the car’s roof — most likely because of the additional colors the “CHANGE” design would have required. Still, the fact that this car is available at the retail pricepoint of $1, and that it is available at retail stores worldwide, makes this collab much more accessible than others done recently. I know the question of value comes along with the mentioned of the phrase, “Hot Wheels collab” and the value is certainly there because of the retail price of $1. Will the secondary market value be on par with other collabs? Nope. The quantity of standard mainline run like this far exceeds the production run of a limited online release. Plus, that is not what this car is all about. It serves as a reminder for “Worldwide Optimism” in a time where it is much needed. It encourages “perpetual childhood” by “never growing up” and continuing to accept that we all have room in our hearts and our minds for hope and change.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’67 Camaro from the 2021 HW Dream Garage, a collaboration with Race Service and Ornamental Conifer (top view)

Hot Wheels collectors have long collected the #’67 Camaro as its sheer number of variants across 38 years outnumbers any other casting. This is hardly the last variant as at least two more colorways of this release are scheduled out before the end of 2021. A gold variant will be appearing in an upcoming mix, while a light blue colorway will be a Dollar General exclusive this month as part of a mail-in promotion with the store.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’67 Camaro from the 2021 HW Dream Garage, a collaboration with Race Service and Ornamental Conifer: “Worldwide Optimism”

Speaking of inspiration, I recently found the #HW Dream Garage #’67 Camaro as part of the Hot Wheels “E” case for 2021. Given the style of artwork that covers the car, and the messaging on the vehicle itself, I figured it was best to CHANGE things up a little. The weather is gorgeous here in Phoenix.  I was inspired to get out and photograph the vehicle in an urban setting. The white canvas — which is the car’s body color — pops off the beautiful backdrops which were painted by street artists in Phoenix’s Roosevelt Row community. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did getting out and taking them! Look for this one at retail now. Don’t want to wait? Grab one (or a couple) off eBay.


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  1. I got lucky got myself two from the toy store. I like the hunt of finding cars like this, hope more to hit the stores everyone gets a chance

  2. My problem with this is thst there is NO VENT WINDOW therefore its not a ’67 camaro !!!!

  3. As a diecast collector classics get my attention right away just as I see them I get them (2) white Worldwide short card to ad to my camaro collection I’m just loving it

  4. Want to thank you for the article, it was a terrific read and exactly the information I was looking for; my wife had brought me home the gold version several days ago, and only this morning I examined the graphics, and just had to Google, which lead me here. Thank you, well researched!

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