New ’66 PONTIAC GTO casting flaunts it down Hot Wheels Boulevard for it’s 2020 debut!

The return of #Hot Wheels Boulevard in 2020 has been a welcomed addition in the eyes of collectors. Three waves into the star-studded lineup, we’ve seen a terrific array of diecast diversity. The line has showcased all kinds of cars the Hot Wheels team could see themselves in, including a few they have actually driven!

Apparently, each mix will feature a car from the Hot Wheels “Garage of Legends” — Mattel’s garage of 1:1 Hot Wheels. The site for the cars is inconveniently down at the time this article was published, but if you’ve been a collector for a while, you can probably recall most of them. From the 2020 #Boulevard line alone: the #’67 Camaro, ’18 COPO Camaro, this #’66 Pontiac GTO have all been released, with the #Twin Mill coming in mix D.

Instead of re-releasing the old Hot Wheels ’67 Pontiac GTO casting, Hot Wheels designer #Mark Jones Designed the new #’66 Pontiac GTO as a premium replacement for the ’67 GTO casting he designed over 20 years ago.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’66 Pontiac GTO from the 2020 Boulevard line (with ’67 GTO from Fast Than ever Series and Larry’s Garage)

The result is a #’66 Pontiac GTO that is a much closer replica to the GTO Mattel has in its Garage of Legends. A short time after the 1:1 was first built for SEMA in 2006, Hot Wheels released the ’67 Pontiac GTO in a replica color scheme for Larry’s Garage in 2009. The car was considered premium at the time as it retailed in the $3 price range and wore #Real Riders, despite not having a metal base, nor front & rear details. One year later, a closer replica (in terms of paint) of the 1:1 found it’s way into the mainline as part of 2010’s Faster Than Ever series. Below you can see the difference between the castings, and how far Hot Wheels Premium has come in the last 10 years.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’66 Pontiac GTO from the 2020 Boulevard line (head-to-head with ’67 GTO from Larry’s Garage)

Clearly, the big difference between the ’66 and ’67 GTOs is the stance. The ’67 has a raked stance while the new ’66 sits a lot closer to the ground. When comparing the two castings side-by-side, you can also tell that the ’66 has many more refined details to the casting. Given that this is a rare case in which the same designer designed the cars 20+ years apart, you can see how Mark’s skill has evolved in addition to his ability to utilize modern technology such as 3D printing. What’s funny is that the car is still sitting on #Real Riders LW5 Wheels as no #Real Rider that more closely resembles the 1:1 car’s wheels was developed. With that said, the chrome lip on the black 5-spokes looks twenty times better than the all gray LW5s on the Larry’s Garage release. As far as graphics detail goes, there is no contest as the new #Boulevard edition is done up exceptionally well. This release even carries over the “HW GTO” California license plate.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’66 Pontiac GTO from the 2020 Boulevard line (reverse view)

I regrettably did not get any pictures of the new #’66 Pontiac GTO with the Custom ’66 GTO Wagon which also has the same lowered-stance. Coincidentally, the wagon was actually used in the first iteration of Boulevard back in 2012.

This GTO though … let me just say that even with the numerous #GTOs that were retooled for ultra-premium use in the Red Line Club, this tool is the best one so far and you GTO-nuts out there have to be ecstatic for this one. I personally cannot wait to see how this one is released next. The Hot Wheels #’66 Pontiac GTO was made for cruising the #Boulevard as this one flaunts a new era of Hot Wheels premium design.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’66 Pontiac GTO from the 2020 Boulevard line

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  1. I love this particular car from the set. I thought it was gonna be the gasser, to me, this one does it better. I’ve already found one but would love another just to say I have 2. Great article!!!

      • Went hunting for me and another collector (Aaron G) no gasser but I did find another one of these along with some team transport trucks!!! Very happy

  2. Hi Brad, interesting that today I open my email and see you did an story on this casting. Yesterday I bought 8 of them🤦🏾‍♂️. I don’t normally buy so many of one casting. If getting more than 1, I usually won’t buy more than 3. The normal exception being that I buy extras because I know my friends are looking for it. This casting is special to me because I had a ’66 GTO and it’s the one car I wish I never got rid of. I bought so many because I plan on doing customs of what my GTO looked like when I got it, what I did to it while I had it & what I wanted it to look like if I had ever completed what I planned, so 8 is the magic # on this one for me. One of the things I like about the Boulevard collection is that I don’t feel pressured to buy each one. Even though they all have been great, I’ve only been buying the ones I really like, but I’m having trouble finding that Gasser . 3 different Walmarts yesterday that had all put out several cases of this wave of Boulevard and not one Gasser😒. Thanks for keeping us informed & up to date on everything HWs👍🏾

    • 8?!??!?!? LOL … that is awesome! I was content with one. I sympathize with you though. I wish I never had to give up my RX-8 but priorities were accessed and decisions were made. I hope we see that car in 1/64 Hot Wheels one day. Then… I may buy 8 as well.

  3. This is my favorite new casting of 2020, no contest. It’s perfect. It could only be better if it had an opening hood or Spectraflame paint, but it’s amazing as is.

    • That would be cool if it gets the ultra-premium treatment down the road and does get an opening hood. Until then, we will have to rely on a customizer like David above to pop it open and see if there is anything there!

    • Fast and Furious series could bring it to life since it was briefly featured as Neela’s car in Tokyo Drift. If there is any hope to see the RX-8 in hot wheels form, that would be the foot in the door.

  4. I would like this casting a lot except for one huge flaw, the proportions of the rear quarter panel is waaay off! If scaled up it would be 8-10 inches too long between the rear wheelwell and the bumper! I know they probably did it to accentuate it being long and low, but its all in the rear half. Junk in the trunk in the wrong way.

  5. I just got a few of these cars very nice. It’s nice to see some classic cars coming back. The car details are simple one color design. Hope to see some more classic cars in hot wheels.

  6. My name is Larry and in 1970 I purchased a 1966 GTO. Red with black interior and a chrome console. It was in perfect condition. Goodyear’s all the way around with 60’s on the back and American mags. 389 c.i. with tripower. Under the dash above the speedometer were three chrome switches = rear defrost, reverb unit and power antennae which was located on the rear deck above the driver side rear wheel. The only GTO I’ve ever seen with the 3 switches. I loved that car = MANY tickets= DUMB KID!!!

  7. This was the biggest surprise in the set for me. It’s gorgeous in person. It’s also _extremely_ heavy!

  8. So glad I found one in stores.

    I look forward to displaying it with the 2012 Boulevard Custom ’66 GTO wagon that was done in Red and Black

  9. Hey Brad, nice write up on this here beautiful gto. 👍
    I do have to ask though, why no mention of the oil can 66 gto and 100% Hot Wheels 40th anniversary versions of this car? And did Mark also design those releases?
    Pontiac lover

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