CEU drops SOUVENIR SNEAK #1 for 2020 Hot Wheels Collectors Convention!

8/4/2020 — The 34th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention is still scheduled to take place in a little over two months. It will certainly have a different feel to it as this will be the first convention — should it still happen as scheduled — in the coronavirus era. The event’s organizers, Collectors Events Unlimited (CEU), are undoubtedly working their tails off to make sure the event complies with local ordinances as COVID-19 outbreaks loom throughout the world. One thing that hasn’t changed is their ability to stop collectors in their tracks with a sneak peek of the convention cars.

This time, it’s (what will be) the second release of the #’41 Willys Gasser which made its debut as a Red Line Club Exclusive last year. The third is currently slated to go on sale next week on as it will be the yearly, made-to-order RLC sELECTIONs car.

What is impressive is that CEU was able to land this ultra-premium tool as one of their souvenir cars for the convention. It’s hard to tell from the pics if the paint is a metalflake dark red or magenta, but what can’t be mistaken is that name: “BLOOD SHOT”. I don’t have the slightest clue if that is a staff nickname, or if it is a tribute to the collectors who stay up all night in search of their grail while having a drink or two with long-lost friends — or if it has another meaning altogether. I’m sure I will find out though! What the CEU Facebook page did note is that this one will be limited to 6,700 pieces.



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