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Hottest Spectraflame Color Yet? This ’19 Acura NSX Shines. 2020 Hot Wheels ID Coming to Retail.

What is that old saying? A picture is worth 1,000 words? I will not be hitting 1,000 words on this article today, but I did have a few thoughts based on the image you see below.

Occasionally while I am shooting various Hot Wheels to be featured in articles here on OTD — and at —  I come across a setting that I have an ideal car for. That happened last night as I immediately began to think how this bright spectraflame orange #’19 Acura NSX would look in the setting. The result was pure fire, as I was delighted with the photo and had to share.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels ’19 Acura NSX (’17 casting) from the 2020 Hot Wheels iD / Factory Fresh series

It got me thinking though. Is this the hottest #Spectraflame Paint color there is? I mean, the spectraflame orange on RLC cars is pretty nice, and if you compared the two side-by-side, obviously the hand-polished RLC piece would win in terms of overall smoothness. There is just something about this spectraflame orange though that is being used in the #Hot Wheels iD line. Maybe its the lighting, but tell me this doesn’t look hot.

That also had me thinking — I know, don’t over-exert yourself, Brad…

Some of you were very vocal on how you didn’t want to buy #Hot Wheels iD from online distributors and from eBay — I know, you let me have it in the comments of the iD article I wrote back in April. I was simply the messenger however, as I was told that mixes “P” and “Q” would not make it to retail. Well, with all that has gone on in the world, the Hot Wheels iD team at Mattel has apparently heard you and decided that retail — Target and Walmart specifically — will get the first two waves of iD for 2020. Great news for collectors that enjoy the in-store hunting experience. The bad news? It won’t be until this fall. Good news again? With the fall product arrival, the speculated $5 price-point for iD will be in effect by then. Bad news again? No news if Amazon will carry iD for 2020. Boooo.

So, you have two options if you are still looking to get caught up on #Hot Wheels iD for 2020: wait until this fall and try to find at retail, or hit up eBay as prices are coming down on the 2020 vehicles.

QUICK LINK! 2020 Hot Wheels iD on eBay

If you grab this ’19 Acura NSX — or have it already — let me know what you think of the color below. Is “hot” the right word? Is “fire” more appropriate?



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  1. I do agree the ID orange is eye catching. The 49 Ford F1 “legends” truck in the green metal flake from this years mainline is by far the best paint job we have seen this year in my opinion. Good hunting this fall!

  2. What a beauty! Killer pictures Brad, I’m digging that we are getting material almost daily. Keep it coming!

  3. Wow this does look amazing. It’s really hard to argue against this spectraflame
    color. Although who is arguing? It’s all personal taste! Haha.

    Interesting I must have missed that article originally about 2020 iD’s not making it to retail. So how exactly are they getting on eBay? Hobby retailers?

  4. Hi Brad,
    The spectra flame orange that HWs is using on the id line does look amazing, but in the picture, what makes the Acura look so good is the photographer. I was one of the people that said they wouldn’t buy from the online hobby stores, but I did end up getting a few I really like from WheelCollectors out of fear that it would be be the cheapest & only way to obtain them – ’18 Falken Mustang, tuned Gulf VW, ’71Green Miura & ’69Green Camaro. IMO, the ’18 Falken Mustangs paint job with the white id wheels is the best I’ve seen from HWs. It’s really difficult to accept the prices that the hobby stores are asking for some of these, but I would prefer to buy from them, than to buy from the amazon monster, apple, Target or Walmart. I know the hobby stores need to make money, but I need to not be broke. I’m at odds with Amazon doing this anymore. On one hand its the easiest & most cost effective way to get them. On the other hand, they are evil and killing the retail business as we’ve known it for decades and they’re killing mom & pop stores, the hobby stores that I’m having a difficult time accepting prices from. Thanks Brad, you’re awesome

    • Big retail makes it so easy. I support the distributors when I can… especially when I can get cars by the case for less than retail like I did with wave 2. Plus it gives you a reason to share with a collector-friend.

  5. You are right. The bright orange really looks great in person. One of my favorite spectraflame colors on just about anything. I’m all caught up on Id cars. ready for more releases.

    • Yes! I forgot to mention the i8 but that is the other one. I think the other orange ID cars (Fiat, Camaro, etc.) wear “Hugger Orange” which is not as vibrant as this color.

  6. I was one that complained after we found out about the hobby only. But I did end up buying them all, only having to purchase four extras. And yes, they are awesome! I am also glad to know that Mattel has decided to put these out at retail later in the year. Good for us collectors, but also good for a hobby shops because they still have exclusive rights until later in the year.

  7. Well, looks like I’ll be saving up for fall. I’m glad Mattel read the room and decided to make them available via traditional outlets. Thanks once again, Brad, for keeping us up to date. And yes, that orange looks incredible. I can’t wait to see it in person.

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