Newest Hot Wheels 5-Packs hit AMAZON; Pre-Order the Lamborghini, HW Flames & Car Meet BUNDLE

6/17/2020 — Wow! Something new on Amazon to order. Its been too long. We’ve been spoiled with the ID line, among others. As of late, the wealth of new Hot Wheels product has dried up. Hopefully, that was due to COVID-19 and the floodgates have once again opened. Kicking things off here is what is being called an “Amazon Exclusive Bundle” of three of the newest 5-Packs — well, two… Car Meet has been out for a while.

The Lamborghini 5-Pack will surely be hot with the much-anticipated return of the Lamborghini Murciélago LP 670-4 SV. Its been missing since its Speed Machines and Car of the Decades releases in 2011, and has grown quite the fanbase with those two releases selling between $50 and $100.

The HW Flames 5-Pack looks great as well as I see two personal favorites in there with the Pass’n Gasser and ’70 Plymouth Superbird. Needless to say, this bundle was an instant buy for me.


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  1. Updated: Sold Out, for now…. Thanks to OTD for advance warning, I was able to get an order in before it sold out.

  2. Picked up the HW Flames pack at my local store – the Pass’n Gasser and Roadrunner are really nice.

  3. Are they suppose to send three packs of cars?
    I got one pack and it was mailed in padded mailer and it was mangled. So tired of crappy packing on amazon, this is like the 20th crappy packed package for a collectible item from them. I’m not buying from them any more, they can’t be trusted with collectibles.

  4. Same thing happened to me, I got one five pack (Flames) and that was it. Called Amazon that they just gave me refund but couldn’t tell me why I was sent just one of three packs.

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